Every man’s home is his castle

In exactly two weeks time, on Thursday 10th March 2016, I will be presenting this petition at the next full council meeting in Brighton and Hove. If you wanted to come along and support me you are very welcome. You can email me for details my email is daniel@survivorblog.co.uk.

Now there have been some developments since I last updated you, health wise I haven’t felt I’ve been doing any better in fact due to the stress and environment I am staying in my doctor has referred me to the psychiatric service, whilst this is really scary for me, due to the pressures and crisis i am under right now I feel I need this support in order to get well again.

When I took the emergency accommodation at Percival Terrace I hoped for a place to stay on a temporary basis to help me get well again and rebuild my life. What I have been left with is cold water showers, poor cooking facilities, noisy neighbours and strange people coming to the door, I am in isolation here as I am not being not allowed any visitors.

I was told today that the council would not pay for my storage fees for my personal belongings. I was given no choice on the accommodation or any notice to move,  I had to Hire a van and pay for the storage at inflated prices because the room they provided me was not fit for purpose.

The council have emailed me today saying “I note that you mention your belongings which are in storage. The council cannot assist with existing costs and you will have to pay for storage of your belongings which you, yourself placed in storage.”

They then went on to say;
“Under s211-212, Part 7, Housing Act 1996 there is a duty for a local authority to protect the belongings of a homeless applicant where accommodation has been provided. This duty is triggered only in circumstances where the applicant is not able to deal with their belongings themselves and where there is a danger of loss or damage as a result. A local authority is entitled to charge for this service.”

I dispute and refute this statement, I have needs, I am not well mentally and have a lot going on at the moment. They then said;

“You may be able to make arrangements to deal with your belongings yourself. If you cannot, however, and you wish for the council to protect them we can do this but you will be charged the cost of removals and storage. Please contact the Emergency Placement Team on 01273 294400 who can arrange this on your behalf.”

This speaks for itself, I had to go a week with food bank vouchers given to me by a great charity called MindOUT.

The distress and trauma I have to deal with excluding the housing situation is hard enough, with this its tipping me over the edge.

Please continue supporting my plight by sharing this petition on social media or by emailing the decision makers for change Sylvia Peckham Sylvia.Peckham@brighton-hove.gov.uk or my MP simon.kirby.mp@parliament.uk.

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We need to stand up against this blatant wrongdoing and together change the housing situation in Brighton and Hove to help people move on, develop personally and either educate themselves or develop career prospects.

The current system doesn’t allow for this and is potentially discriminating with unfair allocations for those with poor health.