Storm Katie Revealing The Shocking Windows At Percival Terrace

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Brighton and Hove, bohemian and bonkers look at the state of the emergency housing.

Having had the worst nights sleep over the last few days, with the constant whistling (through these well past their sell by date windows) noises I was hoping today I would get a little break.

Having already informed Brighton and Hove City Council on several occasions about the state of the accommodation and structural problems here all they can do is patch it up and hope it goes away.

Check out this video showing the water coming through the broken windows.

Lets remember the street homeless, they had no shelters last night when storm Katie battered the Sussex coastline, whilst I am not out in the elements this just shows the extend of how a lack of investment in housing in Brighton and Hove is affecting people.

The walls in this building have huge cracks going down from floor to floor and the floor in my room is massively buckled, This place cannot be structurally safe with all this.

Please share to raise awareness in the city.


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