Homophobic Attacks In Brighton & Hove: A Different Perspective

Proof That Homosexuals Are Considerably More Vulnerable Than The Ordinary Person

In a recent blog post I discussed the Equal Opportunities Freedom of Information Request which showed that Gay Men have the lowest homelessness accept percentage of any minority group.

Following the recent alleged homophobic attack of Dain Luka and James Floz Loxton pictured below, I want to call on Brighton and Hove’s Councillors to ensure that LGBT Homelessness Applicants are provided a duty of care and priority need under section 193 of the housing act.

Last year three men were sentenced for a vicious attack in which a victim was smashed over the head several times with glass bottles, leaving permanent scaring. This latest attack is one of a number of homophobic attacks in the city, this has to stop!

The two latest victims were on there way home after a night out, they were stopped and assaulted outside the Queens Hotel, one of the victims claimed he was brutally kicked in the face on a number of occasions leaving him unable to see.

Why are Brighton and Hove City Council Not Preventing Homelessness for Vulnerable LGBT Applicants

We know that LGBT folk are more vulnerable on the streets yet in the recent freedom of information request the council have failed to prioritise LGBT Applicants. I was failed back in December 2015 / January 2016, I had to appeal the decision that the council made not to house me and at a time when I am in recovery.

What needs to change

Firstly I would like to see the LGBT Community coming together as one, whilst Pride has always been political I think this year we as a community need to focus on ourselves, we need to highlight the wrongdoings and lead the demonstration for social justice.

Secondly as I have said on many occasions we need a Central LGBT Hub, located close to the heart of the village, they have one in Birmingham, London and Manchester why not here in  Brighton?

Thirdly the LGBT Community need to start lobbying the cities councillors and MP’s, we need to stand up for our rights, our gay rights!!

Finally, Bring back Pub watch, the Kemptown focused security system, better communication could prevent such incidents in the future.

I hope the two young lads recover mentally and physically, having been a victim of hate crime myself, I know how these two brave souls will be feeling, as a community we should not stand by anymore and allow such acts or wrongdoings.

A Way To Stay Safe – Self Defence Classes

My friends the Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum have a free Self Defence Class on the 20th May 2016 from 2pm – 4pm. Here are the details:

Hosted by the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum.
This session will re-introduce the principles of self-defence, including how to keep safe without using any physical techniques.

We will also discuss and practice some techniques to increase your confidence and help you distract or escape a potential attacker.

In this session we will adapt the techniques to suit differing physical abilities.

This is not a session in martial arts.

Refreshments provided.

Fee £3 per person
Remaining costs subsidised by a grant from the Rainbow Fund

Only 18 spaces available. To book your place please email training@lgbt-help.com

Pease contact us if you have any access requirements by email training@lgbt-help.com or by calling 01273 855620 and selecting option 4

Please be safe and alert when out and about.