BBC Future: Bust or Boom?

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I had a welcome break from campaigning last week, the sun has been beaming down, with many people flocking into Brighton and Hove, I even saw a few wounded (rather burned) people making there way home toward the stampede at Brighton train station.

Oh how I am glad after 32 years in this city my body no longer burns and simply tans to a nice golden brown nowadays. Enough about me!

The Government Is Changing The BBC Forever

Onto the beeb now, its been a testing few months for the publicly owned organisation, we have seen a freeze in increasing the licence fee, we have seen the demise of the Television Channel BBC Three, a biased political reporting which has angered many resulting in 15,000 people signing a petition to Sack The BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and now the hard hitting BAFTA Speech from Peter Kosminsky (seen below).

How Much Does The BBC Licence Fee Actually Cost

There are people out their saying that the BBC is ripping off the nation with its annual licence charge of £145.50, or £12.13 a month or just 40p per day.  Lets break it down further.

The TV Cost is £8.00 per month, for this you get: BBC News, All the Channels, Live Sports, Entertainment and Documentaries, Soaps like Eastenders and all the other fabulous content they put out each year including some funding for Channel 4 News.

The Radio Cost is £2.30 per month, for this you get: Music which is a means of promoting our great, diverse and unique music culture here in the UK. Remember Radio is the beginning and is still popular, Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, Local Radio and National i.e, wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Not to mention the countless original plays on radio which are a launch pads for many actors careers and a way from them to learn their craft whilst entertaining millions.

The Online Cost is 61p a month, for this you get: You on-demand content, which is becoming more and more popular for example last year alone we downloaded 4 billion TV programmes on-demand and almost 1 billion Radio programmes from on-demand.

The Other Costs equate to around £1.80 per month.

What Interest Do The Government Have In The BBC?

Well if you listen to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale’s clumsy comments you would think none other than its privatisation he thinks the disappearance of the Beeb is a ‘tempting prospect’.

Like many tories right now, what they tell you to your face is not what they are secretly discussing behind closed doors, the tories have already helped shift opinion on many popular political programmes to being more biased.

This was clear last week during the Local Election Debate as reported by The Canary, this has angered many who believe just like I do that the BBC Political Editor is stirring up the Anti Semitism rows within labour, she was instrumental in the on-air resignation of Junior Labour Party Minister Stephen Doughty.

Just like the NHS, the Tories also want to dismantle and sell off our BBC to the highest bidder, and they plan to start with the other publicly funded broadcaster Channel 4, I wonder why when they are the only channel who reported on the now under police investigation Tory Election Expenses Rigging.

Let’s not forget that our media and communications sector makes up 8% of GDP, more than the oil and car industries combined.


What Are Social Media Saying About the BBC Right Now


Go Emily.

Go Joanna.

As I said and shown above by Matthew Todd , the government will stop at no end before they divide and conquer our communities and try to tear the nation apart.

The BBC Is entering it’s centenary in 2022 – Lets save this great institution for another 100 years and stop the government destroying another Great British Success Story. 

You can download the BRITISH BOLD CREATIVE Report futureofthebbc2015