Brighton and Hove City Councils Civil Servant Salaries Revealed

Following my recent post in which I exposed the scandal that is the state of corruption at Brighton and Hove City Council I have fucking decided to reveal the salaries of the senior Civil Servants.

Whilst you have vulnerable people in the cattle market that is Emergency Housing in the city, people like myself are having their rooms cancelled daily and sent back into the system and often moved to other emergency housing properties.

Listen each accept of a new resident means a bonus for lease holders (limited companies) and this process is costing the tax payers so much money in bureaucratic red tape. This is being covered up, contracts will not be revealed in FOI requests because of ‘commercial’ competition reasons.

When did this all become about money aye? oh when they started procuring this out to limited companies who put profit before people.

I am fed up with these well paid civil servants lying to the public and it has to stop, they are not elected which makes it even worse and they are running rings around our cities councillors, who are elected and need to stand up for us, the electorate.

Civil Servant Salaries these Spreadsheet
Civil Servant Salaries these

Download the PDF by BrightonCityCouncilSalaries

After one spoke to me like I was a piece of dirt a few weeks ago and refused to keep me safe I am fighting back, because the local press will not expose this wrongdoing.

I am sure these Civil Servants can afford the £1700pcm for a 2 bedroom apartment currently being advertised on Rightmove for the ex Council Owned Offices, redeveloped into luxury apartments. Priory House was sold for 4.5 million pounds. Check out the property now.