26 Year Old Care leaver and Family Living in Fear

A young couple under the age of 26 narrowly misses the collapse of a ceiling whilst staying in Emergency Accommodation In Brighton & Hove, just two weeks prior the couple Jamie and Sandra reported their concerns to Brighton and Hove City Council, who did nothing. Check out my full story!


A few weeks ago two council staff attended Percival Terrace for ‘routine inspections’ (they have only been routine since I started my campaign). A young couple in the Emergency Accomodation who have a baby reported problems with the roof, I took counter notes against what was recorded by the council officers and took images which you can see below.

What Did The Young Family Report To The Council

Just four months ago Jamie and Sandra welcomed their daughter, these are supposed to be exciting times, yet they live in fear of their families safety. I talked to Jamie and asked him what its like for him and his family to be living in Emergency Accommodation.

Jamie said “There have been incidents since we moved in, first a guy committed suicide, then there was a guy in the hallway crazy on the legal high ‘spice’ I heard someone got stabbed, then just a few weeks back their was a guy who broke into someone else’s room and was caught Masterbating, we shouldn’t be bringing up a kid in this environment”.

Later on in conversation Jamie’s was telling me how he has been living in these types of places since he left care, around six years.

I am disgusted that this young family are having to live like this, what hope do they have surviving as a family in these conditions, they are cramped, the toilet is broken, walls are falling apart, the stress and pressure they all must be feeling doesn’t bare thinking about.

The Housing Act states that Children in care are in priority need and should be given preference on the housing allocations policy, I would like to challenge why Brighton and Hove City Council have allowed a care leaver to be in this position, Jamie tells me he had over 50 foster parents as a child, this Adult who has a history if depression and anxiety needs a secure home not to live in what feels like another care home.

I will be writing to the Head of Children’s Services myself to ensure his case is assessed as this young family and all families should not be living in emergency accommodation. They are also worried about;

  • The roof Caving in on them
  • Hot Water Problems
  • Inadequate facilities and space for their baby
  • Problems with the Windows
  • The Electrics
  • Toilet problems


On Saturday 28th May the Ceiling Collapsed

As reported on Sunday I was given a tip off with regards to Pigeons in the water tank located in the attic. I have been informed that the reason the ceiling collapsed was because they found a dead Pigeon in the water tank, which blocked the overflow, this was the result.

The Result of the Ceiling Collapse Room 47 Percival Terrace

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What The Rooms Directly Above In Room 56 Looked Like

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The Images of Room 58 Following the Collapse

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How Do Residents Feel?

Residents do not feel safe in these places anymore, we have tried to reason with the council and I myself emailed the Head Of Temporary Allocations and Emergency Housing on Friday 27th with my concern and within 1 day this happened.

What Did I Report In My Email

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What Can We Do To Hold The Council And Landlords To Account

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