Brighton Man Evicted For Blogging Facts About Conditions At Percival Terrace

Percival Terrace Capitalism At Its Worst

Today I was handed a letter stating I have been Evicted with less than 24 hours, the video below is how the eviction unfolded, whilst posting a live video on Facebook, I received this phone call.


I went to the council following the shock eviction, just 8 days before they were required legally to provide me with a definitive answer on whether the property is unsuitable for me.

Now you might be saying its a win win scenario as I am out of there? – The truth is each stage of this legal process takes 8 weeks, then the council say no, we then need to appeal and they say yes. I will need to go through this process again when they move me to another Emergency Accommodation property, which will take another 5 months, then they could move me 2 days before the end and I have to start again.

Living in these conditions are wrong, we know 31% of all homelessness applications are from those who were evicted from Emergency Accommodation, like I was today.

This is the reason I was given by the council for being evicted ” Helgor have evicted you because they cant tolerate your blogging, you’re blogging things which are unsubstantiated, things like out of date photos which don’t represent the current situation”.

This is not true, everything I write about is factual and they are revenge evicting me, I am speaking out against a company who have failed consistently to keep vulnerable residents safe, such as Amar Allouche, who was found dead in Room 25 on the 4th April 2016.

Amar, an Algerian born father of two, was taken away after needing help, he moved from Algeria for a better life and got swallowed up in to a system where companies are using vulnerable people for profit.

The two main directors of Helgor Trading Limited are named in the Panama Papers and have many other property development operations happening nationally, how can they say my reporting is unsubstantiated, the fact is they are victimising me, someone with a mental health disorder who may struggle with who I am as a person and often gets down, but I have values and morals and I walk away knowing I am making a difference in society.

Here are a few more images of the conditions at Percival Terrace, Brighton and Hove.