Why Labour in Brighton and Hove Needs To Change

Having joined the BHDLP last year following a particularly harrowing time in my life when I have felt disconnected from mainstream politics, energised by current exploitation and my own personal experiences, Labour’s Leader Jeremy Corbyn was the man who made me stand up, campaign and fight for vulnerable peoples rights.

Having bi-polar has its own challenges, but my principled values and honest no nonsense approach to politics, does show my vulnerability, which others have tried to exploit, I see my weaknesses seen by some in fact as strengths to others.

Check me out on the vote discussing housing and how I would change this in the city.

2016 provides many challenges for someone like me, living in emergency accommodation in the city, accessing some of our services for the vulnerable and working closely with those affected by housing issues, drugs and alcohol recovery, sexual abuse, care leavers and those affected by mental health and LGBT issues means I am able to listen to peoples concerns and ensure these voices are heard on the exec of the local labour party.

Me campaigning on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire Programme for Care Leavers and Mental Health


There are many new members who have joined the BHDLP, people from all walks of life wanting to improve their lives and change politics through the power of people, we have seen the rise of socialist movements all across Europe, and in some ways we are trailing behind, but now is the time to make our voices heard.

People will change Brighton and Hove, without people we have no economy, people are vital for raising tax revenues, people start businesses and employ staff, people shape the country, no matter where they come from and what sexuality they choose.

I am determined that people should hold our Councillors, MP’s, Civil Servants and Corporate Business to account, ┬ápeople should decide when and how things change and the politicians should do whatever they can to represent the needs of the people.

There is much infighting at the moment, we need more policy and less provoking, we need to take a right look at ourselves as a party and start listening to the needs of all people, including the vulnerable, whom I feel have no voice in the city, they aren’t interested in politics anymore, they have felt abandoned.

I want to represent those people, which is why on Saturday at 4pm, if you are a labour member I ask that you vote for the people and vote for me Daniel Harris to represent those people on the BHDLP Exec.

Good luck to all candidates and lets try and remember we are all united within Labour, and our goal should be to eject the tories with policies and unity.