Damp, Dark & Depressing: Caroline Lucas on Windsor Court Brighton

Today I came across an article related to a visit from the Co Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas last year, she said

Each of the rooms I’ve seen has been damp, dark, and depressing. The inner courtyard reminds me of a prison with the metal staircases and floors that run off it.

Prison indeed, I remember when I went to Windsor Court to leaflet for ETHRAG, I literally thought of the ITV Prison Drama, Bad Girls.

The Lift was broken and residents informed me that there was a guy in a wheelchair who was stranded and housebound for three weeks.

So why do Brighton and Hove City Council keep trying to place the most vulnerable people in Windsor Court?

Why indeed? – I personally believe that the officers have some connection with the owners, these are the same owners that recently evicted two single mothers.

Bobby Carver, A Paraplegic stranded in a Temporary Accommodation attic flat told me today that Jerry Aldous a Housing Options Manager is trying to house him in Emergency Accommodation, but guess where….. Windsor Court!

He is utterly livid and said “I am in no way moving in there couldn’t even get in the bloody building anyway they can f**k of if they think there moving me into that mould filled drug den”

Bobby went on to say he would “only end up a prisoner in there as well”.

Exciting News

Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle both MP’s In Brighton and Hove have agreed to meet with ETHRAG residents in a ground breaking move set up and organised by myself to see if we can tackle the issues surrounding Temporary Accommodation.

Do you live in Emergency or Temporary Accommodation?

If you live in Brighton and Hove, you can join ETHRAG! We are a residents association run by people who are insecurely housed.

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