Growing Concerns For A Victim of crime after trail of blood is found leading from emergency accommodation building in Brighton and Hove

As you know I like to set the record straight, I was contacted at 6am this morning from a resident and member of ETHRAG, saying “Someone has been stabbed at the baytree” The Baytree is an Emergency Accommodation Building in Brighton and Hove, recently sold by the Brighton Housing Trust to Lincar Investments Limited.

The Initial Pictures Received From A Distressed Resident

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As you can imagine the accounts and the initial evidence concerned me, there was an incident a few months back where I witnessed somebody jacking up outside this same building and false promises from Angelique Shareholder of Lincar Investments have not helped to prevent this. We were promised CCTV after reports of burglaries and violence to protect the residents.

The Vulnerable residents some 25 or so really have had enough, there is currently no 24 hour staff coverage of this property, which just like percival terrace has no full time manned staff. There is a ban on visitors, which I believe is helping to cause these issues, the company will say the people are vulnerable as do the council and that visitors risk harm to residents, however if they really cared then why has it taken them over one year to fit CCTV?

Yes folks following this incident they have finally fitted CCTV! – tell that to the victims of crime over the last 12 months. The no visitor rule and no 24 hour staff is a result of cut backs, this company receive over £850 a month in payments from Brighton and Hove City Council, plus bonuses so they are quids in, why are they putting profit before people?

Walking up St James’s Street in Kemptown I discovered Blood Trail

Just on the corner of Camelford Street I found a puddle of blood which had dried, I followed the trail some 350 yards to the entrance of the Baytree Emergency Hostel(images below)

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There was a police car on site and a forensic vehicle, I saw a policeman come out and said I was the founder of ETHRAG and received a report of a stabbing, the policeman reported to me it was a burglary, my initial thought was why the blood?

Nonetheless we will find out what happened, residents were concerned for a young female who lived in the room, who has not been seen. The trail of blood ended on Camelford Street in the middle of the road almost as if the person got into a vehicle.

Here is a video I made walking back down St James Street in Brighton and Hove this morning.

Sussex Police have asked anyone who may have witnessed anything or seen anything out of the ordinary to contact 101 quoting reference 118 of the 25/11.

Meeting Tonight

I’ve also been informed that at 6pm tonight residents were invited to percival terrace for a meeting, as of yet I have no details of what the meeting was about, this is because just two weeks ago I was banned from entering any Helgor Trading Limited and Lincar Investments Properties, hopefully I can update later on what has come to light.

Do you Live in Emergency or Temporary Accommodation in Brighton and Hove?

If so ETHRAG is the first residents association in the UK which is specifically for residents living in emergency and temporary accommodation. We started to help provide you with a voice, you can join us by going to our Facebook page or by emailing
Remember together we can change things forever!
I really hope the city council work to come up with a safeguarding policy standard to protect the vulnerably housed in the city and fast, before we have more deaths and victims of crime, in places which are safe and secure.

2 thoughts on “Growing Concerns For A Victim of crime after trail of blood is found leading from emergency accommodation building in Brighton and Hove

  • This property is one among some 15 similar EMERGENCY properties in the city used to house vulnerable people in the first instance after presenting as HOMELESS at the council offices at Bartholemew Square.

    On that day, whatever one’s circumstances, one is instructed to “present as homeless” at the council offices.

    Bring only the minimal needed for basic survival, you are told, you may be moved at any time at 24 hours notice. You are most likely to be placed out of area, you are told.

    You present. Then you wait, and wait; mind churning with a myriad of thoughts and fears;

    “Where will they put me? How will I get there? What will it be like? Will I have cooking facilities?”

    You wait some more.

    Eventually, an officer of the council calls your name. Your cards have been dealt. Your immediate fate sealed.

    Mind still swimming, you are taken through the rigmarole of bureaucracy and paperwork, papers to sign, contracts to agree, conditions to accept, but, HEY, you are lucky, we’ve managed to get you a place IN THE CITY.

    Momentary relief. Then more questions. What is it like? What are the other people who live there like? Is it safe?

    You are given directions, and, if you are lucky, a map, a contact name and number and a time at which to collect your keys.

    Off you go. Under your own steam now. Alone. Move along. Chop chop, don’t you know that we are very very busy. There’s a housing crisis in the City. (to be continued…………….)