1000’s of home seekers taken off the housing waiting list in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove City Council have begun the council housing waiting list cull, announced back in November 2015 the new allocations policy was designed to remove home seekers by cutting thousands of people from the register.

With some 25,000 people on the list and with a distinct a lack of truly affordable housing being build, the labour council decided to strengthen the allocations policy by setting harsher polices around who can be on the register.

800 properties become available each year in Brighton and Hove and the council decided rather than build more homes to instead cut people off the housing list. No more waits, no more hope!

Letters from the council are starting to hit peoples door mats

I have been contacted by one source who tells me he lives in a home with multiple occupancy with 9 other people currently, he said “I have to also share a toilet and bathroom”. The person who is currently so down that he has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety claims his Dr has sent the council supporting evidence so cannot understand why they have removed him from the register.

My source said “I fled domestic violence and feel there is stigma associated with men who suffer domestic violence”, should people like my source be left to live in victorian squaller? He advised me that he had previously lived in the cities emergency accommodation but had to leave because the living conditions were so bad and it was affecting his mental health.

So what are the key changes

If you have failed to bid in the last 12 months then its bye bye I am afraid.

  • That the criteria for being a qualifying person include those who have lived in the area continuously for five years preceding the date they make their application, and at least 2 years immediately preceding this date (with the same exceptions provided for in the draft policy)

Currently I am still in the dark as to what the affect is going to be but by judging from above, I think there will be many stories yet to come.

Can You Appeal?

Yes! even if you don’t think so still appeal on the basis that you have not been aware of how to bid on homemove and that you lost your number, simply ask for a new number and ensure you bid regularly.

Have you got a story?

If you have just had a letter on the door mat and want to highlight your story, I would be happy to listen and point you in the right direction, this is a cruel way to shatter peoples hopes for a home of there own. Email me: daniel@survivorblog.co.uk