We’re Standing For Corbyn: At The Hove and Portslade Labour CLP IGM

Hi Readers,

It has been over 200 days since the last Labour AGM took place in Brighton and Hove, I can confirm I have decided to again stand as an elected ordinary member, after being elected last year and having the results annulled I am keen to get to work and help to strengthen Labour in Hove.

Those butterflies I got last year have returned with the election set to be just as special as the last, those minutes standing there waiting for the count results are nail biting.

Whoever you decide to choose, I want to wish all the candidates the best of luck and in the spirit of future unity within Brighton and Hove Labour, lets conduct ourselves in a comradely manner.

See you Sunday,

Daniel Harris

Date, Time and Venue

Date and time: Sunday 5th February 11am please arrive at 10.30 for registration.
VenueRalli Hall 81 Denmark Villas, Hove BN3 3TH
IMPORTANT: Please arrive promptly for registration; the meeting will begin at 11am. Please bring one form of ID with you for registration purposes (a bank card, drivers licence or membership card will suffice).

Meet The Corbyn Supporting Candidates For Hove and Portslade

Hove CLP Labour AGM 2017 Candidates
Here’s who will be standing for Corbyn:

Profiles for Candidates will be uploaded later. Check back

Anne Pissaridou for Chair

Anne says:

“I am asking for you to elect me Chair of the Hove and Portslade CLP. At a critical time in our country and for our party, I will bring experience and dedication to the role.

My values

I have been a member of the Labour Party for most of my adult life. I passionately believe in a united Labour movement ready to tackle harsh, unfair and backwards-looking Tory policies and in particular to fight against the continued focus on austerity which is ineffective economically and profoundly damaging to the vulnerable members of our society.

Together we must resolutely challenge rising discrimination and inequality and together we must protect the NHS from privatisation. I have always supported our democratically elected leader and am proud to support Jeremy Corbyn.

I am a passionate and consummate campaigner and have led or been involved with every campaign in the city since I came here over 10 years ago.

Relevant Experience/skills

  • I am Portslade branch secretary having served on the exec in various roles for over 10 years
  • I was involved in the creation of the Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party and served on the Executive Committee on two occasions. In July 2016, I was elected, by an overwhelming majority, as Vice Chair Campaigns of the City Party.
  • I was the Labour spokesperson for Children and Young people and even though Labour was the third party I believe that I helped to influence local education policy.
  • I served on the Executive Committee of H&P CLP as secretary, and then on the exec of BHDLP. I was encouraged by two local members to put myself forward as a local authority candidate for the election in 2011. With a great team and a clear strategy, I won the seat, unseating a Tory against the odds.
  • I have chaired various committees, in my working life (civil service), union rep and local Councillor.
  • I have chaired committees and employment appeal panels on BHCC
  • As women’s officer, I set up the local womens forum
  • I have used my legal training to familiarise myself with the rules and regulations of the party — it is important that the chair knows the rules and how to apply them without prejudice.

My pledge to you

I do not believe in secret backroom deals, I believe that it is important that we are open fair and transparent as an Executive committee, and I will ensure that this is embedded in all our actions. I am acutely aware of the divisions, locally, in our party and will work towards reconciliation. If I am elected I will ensure that everyone has a chance to express their views in a comradely supportive way.

We need to make sure that Labour is at the heart of the community and I want to play my part in spearheading exciting and successful campaigns that ensure we elect a Labour government and have a council with the majority it needs to put our principles into practice.

Throughout my life I have demonstrated a keen work ethic and tackle everything I do diligently and to the best of my ability, even when this involved juggling full time work, family responsibilities and political work. This has required an ability to prioritise and focus as well as an understanding of teamwork. These skills I believe will make me an ideal chair.

James Ellis for Secretary

Kate Knight for Vice Chair (Membership

Georgio Finella for Vice Chair (Campaigns)

Becky Massey for Treasurer

Danielle Spencer for Women’s Officer

Daniel Harris Ordinary Member

Asa Jansson Ordinary Member

Riad El-Taher Ordinary Member

Anne Mitchell Ordinary Member

Pauline O’Connor Auditor

Ben Armstrong Auditor