Do You Practice Housing Law In The UK?

As a lawyer surely you go into law to make changes, no? well in Brighton and Hove we need change, I am a housing campaigner who is in contact with multiple people who all qualify for legal aid and legal help.

These are vulnerable persons who have been accepted the homeless duty under the housing act 1996. Many of the people I speak to are in desperate need of legal advice, you see in Brighton and Hove we have an issue, for some reason solicitors don’t touch housing cases against Brighton and Hove City Council, and why would they, because the council boast not losing a judicial review all the time.

Me I believe this council have become over confident and complacent, there is enough evidence gained now to take this council and certain individuals down.

I am writing this blog on behalf of the people who come to me almost daily in desperation, they literally have nothing, no hope no future.

If you are a lawyer, or barrister who does pro bono and are reading this, then get in tough with me, united we can get justice for the vulnerable in Brighton and Hove and really help to change our society.

Do you have experience of section 202’s? recent judicial reviews have been successful I believe the new allocations policy in place in Brighton and Hove to be illegal and welcome any legal professional willing to overturn this hopeless policy.

You can contact me by emailing