Cllr Anne Meadows Should be Ashamed and Consider Her Position as Chair Of Housing and New Homes Committee

Ive just read another article in the Brighton and Hove News written about the plight of a disabled labour member in Brighton and Hove living in substandard accommodation and was shocked at what I read, a so called Labour Councillor claiming paraplegic Bobby Carver is not Trapped in his attic flat, whilst not having the use of his legs.

But Councillor Anne Meadows, who chairs the council’s Housing and New Homes Committee, said:

We do not accept Mr Carver’s claim that he is ‘trapped’ in his current accommodation.

We have offered him wheelchair adapted emergency accommodation appropriate to his assessed needs on two occasions. Mr Carver has refused these.

This is a flat in Windsor Court which she was refereeing to which had a broken lift for 3 weeks last year.

Windsor Court Damp
Windsor Court Damp


You only need to search google to for Robert Carver or Bobby Carver to find out that Anne’s remarks and other un democratic actions require punishment.

Should Anne really be the Chair of the Housing and News Homes Committee after these disgraceful and insensitive remarks? I think Warren Morgan and Clare Moonan should be looking to discipline Anne, whom I understand has never ever even visited Bobby in his trapped state at home in his attic flat.

Peter Kyle Gets It Right And Distances Himself From The Labour Councillors Remarks

Hove MP Peter Kyle issued a response saying:

Bobby needs, deserves and has a right to accommodation that is suited to the challenges he faces.

My Own Personal Experiences

Through a subject access request its become apparent that Anne Meadows has been sabotaging a democratic residents association I founded, set up by vulnerable residents in Emergency and Temporary Accommodation and a UK first, she in emails has been rubbishing our group and our efforts to change peoples lives for the better.

We are all deemed vulnerable and many have disabilities, Anne refers to me in emails as DH, which is an attempt to stop these communications being found when I did a subject Access Request Recently, luckily I have found this out and requested Anne Meadows provide all emails, which is also being closely monitored by the Information Commissioners Office.

The role of the chair is to remain impartial, she has acted without decorum and offended a disabled member of the LGBT Community, this is not only an attack on equality it goes against the values of the Labour Party.

A Vote Of No Confidence

I asked Bobby about the remarks he said this:

She has never EVER visited me.
I feel totally and utterly degraded and dismissed as she clearly have never read any of the medical evidence.
I feel utterly ashamed to call myself a labour supporter currently Daniel 😞
She has just confirmed for me that the council just want to kill me.
It’s slander.
I have contacted Opposition Leads on the Housing and New Homes Committee to express by upset and believe action should be taken or Anne does the right thing and Resigns as Chair of The Housing and New Homes Committee, how can she possibly continue?