Theresa May’s Tories Taking Britain Backwards. Mansion Blocks For Rich Confirmed!

The Tories Plan To Reverse The Housing Crisis They Helped To Create

As a housing campaigner I have been very interested in what both the Conservatives and Labour have to offer people in terms of Housing and Stability, the other day I wrote about the Labour Manifesto today I scrutinise Theresa May’s housing plan for Britain.

May Promises To Reverse Tories Own Rough Sleeping Levels To 2010 By 2022

Tories Promise to go BACK to 2010 Rough Sleeping Levels by 2022.

So basically what Theresa May is telling us is that since 2010 when the Conservative Party have been in Government, they have failed to tackle Rough Sleeping and Homelessness and in fact have doubled rough sleeping numbers.

So May’s pledge is that after 12 years of a Tory Government if she is elected we will as a country go back to 2010 levels. I have to ask those reading this where is the progression? is she admitting the first 7 years under the Tories were a complete failure? if so why should we trust her again?

Source: Rough Sleeping Statistics Autumn 2016, England Department for Communities and Local Government

So Called Homes For All

Tories promise much of the same. Can you currently afford to buy a home? Can you get onto the housing ladder? is your rent price fair?

There is nothing radical here, the Tories are sticking with the Housing Bill enacted under David Cameron, which essentially means more council homes will be sold than built, without council housing, the most vulnerable and in need will never have a secure home.

Single parents being hit by the benefit cap will not be able to afford the high rents  we currently have as they will be forced to continue living within the private sector with bad landlords who put profit before people.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour have promised 500,000 brand new council homes, plus another 500,000 truly affordable homes, whilst suspending the Right To Buy until local authorities can ensure our council stock is not being sold off to landlords or for students. Labour will bring back the family home!

Mansion Blocks For The Rich To Replace Old Council Homes

High Quality, Unaffordable Mansion Blocks To Replace Old Council Homes. For The Few NOT the MANY

What a disgraceful pledge from the Tories, they want to build Mansion Blocks, in recent years we’ve seen these pop up, none of them are affordable homes and many are sold off to foreign investors due to them being unaffordable to locals.

My fear has been confirmed in the Tories own words they have just confirmed all the council housing build post world war two will be demolished and not replaced like for like. Forcing families to other parts of the country.

New Council Housing Deals

Tories Using the word Council Housing during a General Election.

Privatisation, Privatisation, Privatisation; they use the word council housing once, no actual numbers or pledges other than opening up the Right to Buy, when many cant even get on the housing register, who are they opening it up to, Housing Association Tenants?

We already knew this, this was a David Cameron policy, which will mean even less stock as again for every 5 Council House’s Sold under the right to buy, only 1 was build, losing 4 family homes, this has been extended and under these plans the tories are allowing property developers to build cheap homes which they want to flog after 10 – 15 years when they are no longer under warranty.

Can we really trust the Tories with housing?

Every time we have had a Labour Government (Excluding New Labour) the country have build missives amounts of council housing, this trend has always been reversed by the Tories.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will not only stop the privatisation of our Countries Housing, they will reverse the Housing Crisis and Get People back into work building homes for the many, not the few.

Read the Tory Manifesto Policy Here

Read the Labour Manifesto Policy Here

Final reminder, Labour published there costings and how the plan to fund, the Tories have not.