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Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be Our Next Prime Minister

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I remember when I first heard Jeremy Corbyn speak, it was in 2015 after the Labour Party lost in the General Election under the then leader Ed Miliband. His words echoed my thoughts, and I certainly felt like one of the Many left behind by successive governments failure.

Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 got 251,000 votes and a huge mandate from Labour Party members, I then decided there and then to join the Labour Party and support the man who reactivated me politically.


Jon a homeless man I met In Brighton

I then became homeless and intrenched in a battle with my local authority (which still remains today) Brighton and Hove City Council. They initially rejected my application for homelessness and instead preferred I return to live with 4 friends with drug problems, even though I was in recovery for an addiction.

I had to waste more government money getting legal help, which lets face it had the council have done there job right in the first place wouldn’t have needed to happen, anyway the advisor soon picked through the councils errors and forced them to reconsider and accept a housing duty.

At this stage i’ll be honest I was lied to by front line staff, treated with contempt and made to feel like I was worthless, when lets face it I was already down and in serious need of support.

Emergency Accommodation

After a fire in Percival Terrace Brighton 2016

I was then placed in living conditions which were substandard and unsafe with no support or proper facilities to live and move forward with my life, I was having counselling for some historic sexual abuse, which was a cause of the homelessness and addiction and decided to complain to the council.

What ensued was almost 9 months of complete hell, bad landlords threatening me for complaining and highlighting the real conditions people were living in. For example these included collapsing ceilings, Suicides, Assaults, and Drugs Overdoses of residents, Residents with cancer living in dirty rooms, children living around sexual predators, care leavers left to there own devices, vermin and pests in water tanks, around babies cots, you name it I saw it all.

I Met Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell In London

Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton

At an economic event in London where Jeremy was in attendance I spoke out for the first time to a huge packed conference centre and explained the conditions people were living in today, I revealed how the council treat vulnerable people whom they have a duty to protect and how there senior management lie to protect themselves and the limited companies they give housing contacts too.

I got the biggest clap from everyone in the room for my speech and afterwards in a local bar, John and Jeremy both came up to me and shock my hand, they said I spoke well. I was amazed the man who inspired me actually took the time to acknowledge me and my speech.

General Election 2017 – Policies That Matter

Jeremy Corbyn clearly listened and those bad landlords and council executives should be worried now because in Labours manifesto pledges, companies who have council contracts will be forced to pay UK tax.

With a Labour Government all the people who have approached me with there heart breaking stories will be rewarded with a leader and Prime Minister who listened, we will finally start to build council housing again.

We can be assured that legal advice will be back and with a Labour Government and Prime Minister who has ethics we finally take councils to court and ensure legalisation such as the Housing Act are changed or even hopefully scrapped for a new modern policy which truly reflects our equality legalisation.

Whistleblowers will be protected, for too long companies and council executives have hidden behind the tories and shown just how callus some can be, i’ve experience this first hand and trust me these people will get there comeuppance and hopefully P45’s.

Just Last Week

Blue and Pink 2017

A senior council housing official wrote to me with threats, lies and slanderous blackmails in an attempt to smear my name and stop my good work helping the vulnerable, for this reason I will challenge this legally, but not until we get Jeremy Corbyn Elected as Our Next Prime Minister.

Polices which I deplore

  • Bedroom Tax
  • Allowing Councils To House The Vulnerable In Private Sector Accommodation
  • Right To Buy
  • Benefit Cap
  • Scrapping of Legal Aid For Many Vulnerable
  • Public Spaces Protection Orders
  • Zero Hour Contacts
  • Work Capability Assessments
  • Procurement For Services Which Should Be State Managed


Get up on Thursday June 8th, Get Down to your local polling station and put a cross next to your Standing Labour Candidate and Elect Jeremy Corbyn As Our Next Prime Minister.


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