You Cant Take Whitehawk Out Of The Boy

Growing up in Whitehawk can be tough, behind closed doors all manner of things goes on in households. With some better of than others, you do get the feeling that the community spirit in the area has changed somewhat.

Children still don’t have much to do, with the threat of closure for the Whitehawk INN which is in desperate need of finance. The closure of drug counselling services in the area and loads of people my age still living at home I do wonder when things will change.

I often hear about people my age dying, mostly men or see on Facebook that someone I went to school with is serving time in HMP Lewes Prison. These are just a few issues I can think of straight away which need focus. 

Free School meals

The number of Children receiving free meals in East Brighton is 33%, in comparison Withdean only has 5%.

Two of our local areas are in the two per cent most income-deprived areas in England. Both are in the East Brighton ward. One is located in the area centred on Whitehawk Crescent and the southern end of Manor Hill and the other forms part of the northern tip of Whitehawk.

I remember when I was growing up in Whitehawk, I used to get free school meals because it was almost always the most wholesome meal I would get, this wasn’t neglect this was poverty.With foodbank usage rising in Whitehawk by 60%, its important that we remember and help the most vulnerable.

Whitehawk: Domestic Violence

Whitehawk is one of Brighton and Hove’s hotspots for Domestic Violence. According to police data, nearly four out of five victims are female, with female victims most commonly in the 20-29 age group. Male victims are on average slightly older.

As someone who grew up in an unstable household and who has personally survived abuse from a previous parter, its evident there is not a focus to tackle this issue and I would start with education first. Its children who suffer the most from an unstable home!

But housing options for those fleeing are little and far between, I’ve seen mothers with young children who were made homeless due to domestic violence shoved in unsupported emergency accommodation. I’ve been real violence and fear, women ex violent partners get into buildings which have no support. Victims need the right support and friends and family play a vital role, as does non molestation orders.


Whitehawk: Education and Qualification

In East Brighton according to the last census some 26% or nearly 3000 people in the area reported they received no qualifications. 40% have level 1 which is entry level education standards.

We need better school provisions and a high school for residents in more deprived areas like Whitehawk, 40% is totally unacceptable. I went to Stanley Season High School which was one of the worst performing schools in the country. It was full of Tory teachers who didn’t care and was being run into the ground. Now there is no local high school provision.


Most crime is associated with drug and alcohol abuse, from low level disagreements to murder I’ve seen it all on the Whitehawk estate. When you come into Kemptown where you have a lot of bedsits is issues with dealing and drug abuse, as we saw last year with various police chases, one resulting in death.

Not to mention rape, sexual assaults and child abuse, these are all taboo subjects which rarely get mentioned, I found out today that Rise UK off a grant scheme for community activists wanting to tackle domestic violence.

We need communities to take control and we know prison is not the answer for many offences relating to drugs, but we must take a hard line again theft and violence, we cannot have a city with so much anger and rage.

Anti-Social Behaviour Kemptown

Pledge your support for Daniel Harris

I want to become the next socialist working class councillor to tackle these issues above any many more, but I will need the support of locals in Whitehawk and East Brighton to achieve this. We are a young area and we need young representation from people who are born and raised in the area.

This is why I am standing to change things and open up the doors for other locals to get more involved, please support and pledge your support for me to represent you in 2018 as the local Labour Party candidate.

Thanks Daniel

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