A Care Leaver Gets His Social Services Files Under Subject Access Request Rules

Hey Survivors and friends,

It was a lovely day today, the sun was shining and after a 3 day low I had my counselling with Mankind who are a charity in Brighton who work wonders providing much-needed counselling the LGBT Victims of Sexual and Child Abuse.

If you prefer media and videos below is a video of me venting about Social Services and the fact as a nation we are having more cut from public services.

Whilst I don’t believe social services helped me or my family, today we do see a different approach which of course still needs improving, we need to ensure public cuts don’t affect Children’s Services as they have now been rebranded to.

For  those of you who like to read, yes its been a tough St Paddy’s day, one in which the council have tested my limits yet again. All my life I have had questions, I’ve had the same memories,  i’ve also developed a strong sense of what is right from wrong. what I cannot understand is how an innocent six-year-old can get abused?.

Who are the real perpetrators here? How did this happen? Did I do something wrong? and why me? these are all genuine questions and the memories aren’t enough. Almost 3 months ago I embarked on a journey to discover the truth about my childhood, ok it is written from someone else’s perspective but its recorded.

What I can get is answers to my memories and I have, I have had specific memories that I have lived with all my life, certain smells that make me cringe and places which remind me of the past. I sit here in my emergency accommodation bed sit in sunny Brighton and Hove, I find that writing about this and other experiences is a form of rehabilitation.

I am however really frustrated with George Osbourne, yesterday was a white wash! He totally showed his real hand, he wasn’t bluffing. We on the other hand have more chips, we can beat these cuts and save vital services like “Social Services” who are their to help families in need, protect children and help get sexual predators but behind bars where he belongs.

Listen if you have any comments or want to share any stories with me I am always happy to listen, feel free to reblog this or follow for future updates.

I am off to sleep. Goodnight and blessings.

Daniel  x