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Daniel Harris

Daniel Harris: Campaigner, Care Leaver & Survivor

Residents Have Rights, People Have Power

My name is Daniel Harris and thank you for watching the videos above and if you haven’t already done so, feel free to learn more about me..

Survivor Blog embodies all the struggles I’ve faced in life, from growing up in Brighton and Hove in the 1980’s and early 90’s, to transitioning into adulthood and discovering myself all over again.

I use knowledge learned through my experiences to help others, care leavers face many challenges in life, they are from all walks of life and have their own back story, mine is documented on Survivor Blog.

Support me to continue with the campaigning, it costs over £300 to just run the website.

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£10 would help toward covering the costs incurred to maintain this website, or help me travel to meet residents locally or purchase someone in need a coffee.


I use my own experiences to INSPIRE others

Speaking to Latest TV recently about my own homelessness experiences and the poor state of emergency accommodation in Brighton and Hove.

I want to become a film-maker and am currently working towards this. I feel privileged to meet so many people from all different backgrounds, but these people are denied a chance to speak out, I need to change this.

Last year I also founded the UK’s first Residents Association for people living in Emergency and Temporary Accommodation, ETHRAG.

Connect with Daniel Harris

Feel free to contact me if you have a question, want some help and advice or just to connect. I do limited TV and Media stuff due to my personal circumstances right now, but if you have an opportunity, get in touch as I will always hear you out.


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