#homelessART Project Poster
#HomelessART 2016 is a new project by Daniel Harris to help raise more awareness for the homeless and hidden homeless in Brighton and Hove

Following my recent petition to improve standards for those housed in the cities emergency housing, I have decided to continue the focus and set up a fundraising event, using ART as a means of expressing the homelessness situation in the city.

How Can You Be Involved?

I am looking volunteers to help me out with this project, which I am aiming to hold this year. I have no fixed date until Brighton and Hove City Council provide me with permission to use the Bandstand in Brighton and Hove.

What Skills Do You Have?

I am looking for people with the following skills to help contribute.

  • Graffiti Artists – I need some talented local Graffiti Artists to assist with some visual work.
  • Photographers – The idea is to invite members of the public down to the bandstand and photograph them, along with the homeless from across the city.
  • Stylists – I want to show the city that people who are street homeless are people, so I need stylists to help transform street homeless into ordinary people again.
  • Actors – I need some talented Male, Female and Trans Actors to provide the homeless with a voice, using spoken word you will be performing homeless persons stories.
  • Promotions – This event needs to be promoted, do you have experience?
  • Venues – I am looking for venues to hold initial planning events.
  • People – Are you street homeless? are you sofa surfing? are you still living at home? are you in emergency accommodation? if so I want you involved.

How Can You Register Your Interest?

If you have the skills, talents and time to help with the #HomelessART Project then I want to hear from you, you can email me direct: daniel@survivorblog.co.uk or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you.