Current and Former Anonymous Council Housing Staff Survey Project.

What is the project and why am I doing this?

For six years now I have been helping clients advocating for them and taking feedback, which is often very mixed but does highlight severe issues in the Housing Department specifically. So I wanted to reach out to current and former council housing staff and give you an opportunity to provide your side of the response really. To build a complete picture from both aspects, the client and the front line worker.

I genuinely think you joined the council and applied for the various roles because you wanted to do good, help people, and help to make positive change. Maybe you are/were really happy in your role. Whatever your experiences, building a picture will really help to inform change and highlight areas of improvement.

My Commitments

1. I promise never to reveal your identity and to protect your right to provide anonymous feedback and whistleblow if need be.

2. This information will be put into a larger report on the working culture in Housing at BHCC and put forward specific issues and areas to improve.

3. I promise to actually use the information and feedback to enable change. Unlike elsewhere where you provide the feedback and rarely does anything change. in my opinion. But I could be proved wrong.

Due to the nature of this employee survey project, I will need a valid email address to confirm you are human. You cannot complete the survey without this. As I mentioned in the commitments I will never share that information and will only ever contact you if that is something you request and agree to.

Please confirm you understand and agree

About Your Role At BHCC

In this section, you have the opportunity to expand on your role at Brighton and Hove City Council. If you left the role before 2016 please discontinue this survey. This is for current and recent former employees.

Based on that answer you just provided. Now provide a scale from 1 - 10 on the reasons for joining and are/were those reasons/expectations were met?

Thank You. That is the Main Housing Staff Survey Part Completed. Please answer these final few euality questions.

About You

Again this is to get an idea of who you are in terms of equality reporting. You are not required to complete these questions, but they are really helpful.