Homeless Survey Form

Take The homeless survey if you have been placed by brighton and hove city council

Whether you are one of my personal housing and homeless clients or not. I strongly recommend you take the time to complete the following Homeless Survey. 

Take The Homeless Client Survey and Help Make Change!

Homeless Client Survey Form

I have written this survey for people suffering from homelessness as part of a longer-term project to document your homelessness Journey. These questions are designed and split into areas which are the most common with regard to homelessness.

By completing this you are agreeing to take part in the survey. All reports will be anonymous and strictly confidential with any personal data collected stripped out to protect your identity.

Advocacy Clients. This info is used to assist you with your casework and advocacy.


Your Home



Health, Wellbeing and Belonging

These questions are on a scale of 1= never, 2= not very often, 3= not often, 5= sometimes, 7= often, 8= very often, 9= most days, 10= all the time and so on. Please answer these honestly.

and Finally


Do you take any medications and/or treatments: if so please list below along with any side effects?

Thank you for for completing this survey. I will keep you informed on the reports of these client surveys

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New clients must complete the registration and permission form and I recommend you also complete the Homeless Survey