Clare and Shanice Hudson Bartholomew House, Brighton and Hove City Council Image

LGBT Care Leaver and Family at breaking point: Emergency Accommodation Hell


  1. TruthTalker

    Obviously everyone knows how much of a bunch of lies this all is. You see this all the time in Brighton, spoilt mothers who realised popping out kids won’t make there life easier decide they can’t get off there backsides to make there own life better so expect the council to, I think humans call it “greed”. Exploiting her conditions and her son like that is an immediate indicator that she is a nasty individual and shouldn’t be encouraged at all. You realise in the real world people sort there own problems out when things get bad not expect some state run institution to fix all there imaginary problems. I bet this will get censored as you are the type of people to do that when things don’t go your way.

    1. survivorbloguk

      No picture, but what an absolute nasty judgemental comment that was. I don’t need to say anymore. But I will publish this comment, because people will see you for the troll you are.

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