Public Health Scandal At Notorious Emergency Housing Premises – Part One

Another Day Brings Another Scandal

For months now I have been campaigning locally in Brighton and Hove to push for standards in our cities Emergency and Temporary Housing to be improved and just last week I was given another anonymous tip off.

Contaminated Water Supply in Emergency Housing Premises

The images you are seeing below are proof that the water supply at Percival Terrace could be contaminated, I first moved in in January 2016 and after just a few days I had Diarrhoea I was drinking the water supplied from the tanks in the roof.

As previously reported there have been issues with getting hot water here at Percival Terrace, which has been a little better recently, now I use the water feed to brush my teeth and not long after I moved here, I started getting pains in my teeth.

I went to the dentist who informed me I had a bacterial infection, they gave me a strong course of antibiotics to try and stop the infection spreading, unfortunately the damage had been done, which resulted in me losing a front tooth on the 28th April 2016.

What Do I know?

I know that in 2013 Percival Terrace was refurbished, because they effectively made each room self contained this meant that the building no longer needed a HMO (Homes Of Multiple Occupancy)  Licence, so this was the last time they were checked for one.

I have been informed that the water tank images above had been like this since 2013, so basically these fuckers have been messing with our health by cutting corners, I was also informed that the owners three weeks ago ordered staff to get this quickly cleaned and covered up.

What Have I done about this?

On the 27th May at 12:50pm I phoned Brighton and Hove City Councils HMO Department and asked some questions:

DH. What do the council do with regard to safety checks, what are your minimum standards?

Council. What do you mean about safety checks?

DH. Part of the HMO Licence process, you have a legal duty to conduct safety checks, for things like Electrics, water supply…

Council. We expect to see certifications to know that these have been done, we need to see a five years electrics certificate, yearly gas certificate, EPC, Fire Precaution Certificates,

DH. What about for water?

Council. Errrm I don’t think there is anything for water in it. There is a standards document you can have a look at (click here to read).

The Council Employee was quite helpful when I was asking general questions until I tried to report an actual concern, I have put this recording on this website so you know what it is that I am up against at the council.

The staff are often rude and really don’t seem bothered with peoples health and wellbeing.

Emergency and Temporary Housing Residents Action Group.

We need to hold the council and landlords to account which is why I have set up a residents action group, our first meeting will take place on the 8th June at 7pm, The meeting is for residents in Emergency and Temporary Housing Only and will take place at the Friends Meeting House.

Image of a poster promoting the event
Residents Meeting 8th June at 7pm

If you are a resident and want to have your voice heard, please RSVP on the Facebook group and event so I know who will be coming on the night.

A New Creative Project To Raise Awareness Locally and Nationally.

I am looking for a talented Camera operator who can spare a day in the next few weeks to do some filming with me, I want to interview high profile people and residents in these unsuitable accommodations to help promote the human story and expose the wrongdoings happening today in Accommodation which has been taken out of local authority hands and given to profit making landlords and limited companies.

If you or anyone you know wants to be involved please email with your details. I need someone who is able to also do video editing.

Are you a resident in Brighton and Hove who is fed up?

I am looking for people to be brave and come forward, I need picture evidence, stories, maybe you have worked in one of these places before? Be brave and speak out so that others can move forward with their lives.

I recently met Yannis Varoufakis here is what he had to say:

Come back soon for more on this in my two part special story.





Homophobic Attacks In Brighton & Hove: A Different Perspective

Proof That Homosexuals Are Considerably More Vulnerable Than The Ordinary Person

In a recent blog post I discussed the Equal Opportunities Freedom of Information Request which showed that Gay Men have the lowest homelessness accept percentage of any minority group.

Following the recent alleged homophobic attack of Dain Luka and James Floz Loxton pictured below, I want to call on Brighton and Hove’s Councillors to ensure that LGBT Homelessness Applicants are provided a duty of care and priority need under section 193 of the housing act.

Last year three men were sentenced for a vicious attack in which a victim was smashed over the head several times with glass bottles, leaving permanent scaring. This latest attack is one of a number of homophobic attacks in the city, this has to stop!

The two latest victims were on there way home after a night out, they were stopped and assaulted outside the Queens Hotel, one of the victims claimed he was brutally kicked in the face on a number of occasions leaving him unable to see.

Why are Brighton and Hove City Council Not Preventing Homelessness for Vulnerable LGBT Applicants

We know that LGBT folk are more vulnerable on the streets yet in the recent freedom of information request the council have failed to prioritise LGBT Applicants. I was failed back in December 2015 / January 2016, I had to appeal the decision that the council made not to house me and at a time when I am in recovery.

What needs to change

Firstly I would like to see the LGBT Community coming together as one, whilst Pride has always been political I think this year we as a community need to focus on ourselves, we need to highlight the wrongdoings and lead the demonstration for social justice.

Secondly as I have said on many occasions we need a Central LGBT Hub, located close to the heart of the village, they have one in Birmingham, London and Manchester why not here in  Brighton?

Thirdly the LGBT Community need to start lobbying the cities councillors and MP’s, we need to stand up for our rights, our gay rights!!

Finally, Bring back Pub watch, the Kemptown focused security system, better communication could prevent such incidents in the future.

I hope the two young lads recover mentally and physically, having been a victim of hate crime myself, I know how these two brave souls will be feeling, as a community we should not stand by anymore and allow such acts or wrongdoings.

A Way To Stay Safe – Self Defence Classes

My friends the Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum have a free Self Defence Class on the 20th May 2016 from 2pm – 4pm. Here are the details:

Hosted by the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum.
This session will re-introduce the principles of self-defence, including how to keep safe without using any physical techniques.

We will also discuss and practice some techniques to increase your confidence and help you distract or escape a potential attacker.

In this session we will adapt the techniques to suit differing physical abilities.

This is not a session in martial arts.

Refreshments provided.

Fee £3 per person
Remaining costs subsidised by a grant from the Rainbow Fund

Only 18 spaces available. To book your place please email

Pease contact us if you have any access requirements by email or by calling 01273 855620 and selecting option 4

Please be safe and alert when out and about.


Every man’s home is his castle

In exactly two weeks time, on Thursday 10th March 2016, I will be presenting this petition at the next full council meeting in Brighton and Hove. If you wanted to come along and support me you are very welcome. You can email me for details my email is

Now there have been some developments since I last updated you, health wise I haven’t felt I’ve been doing any better in fact due to the stress and environment I am staying in my doctor has referred me to the psychiatric service, whilst this is really scary for me, due to the pressures and crisis i am under right now I feel I need this support in order to get well again.

When I took the emergency accommodation at Percival Terrace I hoped for a place to stay on a temporary basis to help me get well again and rebuild my life. What I have been left with is cold water showers, poor cooking facilities, noisy neighbours and strange people coming to the door, I am in isolation here as I am not being not allowed any visitors.

I was told today that the council would not pay for my storage fees for my personal belongings. I was given no choice on the accommodation or any notice to move,  I had to Hire a van and pay for the storage at inflated prices because the room they provided me was not fit for purpose.

The council have emailed me today saying “I note that you mention your belongings which are in storage. The council cannot assist with existing costs and you will have to pay for storage of your belongings which you, yourself placed in storage.”

They then went on to say;
“Under s211-212, Part 7, Housing Act 1996 there is a duty for a local authority to protect the belongings of a homeless applicant where accommodation has been provided. This duty is triggered only in circumstances where the applicant is not able to deal with their belongings themselves and where there is a danger of loss or damage as a result. A local authority is entitled to charge for this service.”

I dispute and refute this statement, I have needs, I am not well mentally and have a lot going on at the moment. They then said;

“You may be able to make arrangements to deal with your belongings yourself. If you cannot, however, and you wish for the council to protect them we can do this but you will be charged the cost of removals and storage. Please contact the Emergency Placement Team on 01273 294400 who can arrange this on your behalf.”

This speaks for itself, I had to go a week with food bank vouchers given to me by a great charity called MindOUT.

The distress and trauma I have to deal with excluding the housing situation is hard enough, with this its tipping me over the edge.

Please continue supporting my plight by sharing this petition on social media or by emailing the decision makers for change Sylvia Peckham or my MP

Sign Petition
We need to stand up against this blatant wrongdoing and together change the housing situation in Brighton and Hove to help people move on, develop personally and either educate themselves or develop career prospects.

The current system doesn’t allow for this and is potentially discriminating with unfair allocations for those with poor health.