1 in 5 people on council waiting lists in Brighton & Hove are over 55 years old

Total Number of People Over The Age Of 55 on the Council Waiting List


A recent Freedom of Information Request to Brighton and Hove City Council has revealed 1 in 5 people currently on the Brighton and Hove City Council Waiting List  are over 55 Years Old.

In Total The Number of Over 55’s Waiting is: 4493

There are 22,000 people in total on the waiting list

Thats 1 in 5 people on the list are over 55. Wow!

How Are These Broken Down By Banding?

A = 233

B = 331

C = 2481

D = 1458

In 2015 how many new applications for the housing register were for
over 55’s?


How many over 55’s are considered homeless under the housing legislation?

23 homeless applicants (aged between

In 2015, how many new homes were built specifically for over 55’s?

All new homes in 2015 were built for general need Read more