Social Services Historic Cover Up? Question Not An Accusation….Yet!

I thought I would video the content as I hate typing but in a nutshell, I read my historic social services file again in front of my sister and we broke down again for the first time. 25 Years i’ve held this in and whilst their is an investigation going on at the moment with Children’s Services in Brighton and Hove, I am so paranoid they will try to cover this up.

As with all my posts these are about raising awareness and helping others who have been sexually abused as a child or in care, I hope you can get the answers I am fighting to get.

Simon Kirby MP Shame

Its a shame my MP Simon Kirby Email Address has ignored three attempts by myself to get an appointment at his surgery to discuss this and a housing matter I have, its a disgrace my MP wont see me. He would rather stand in the house of commons shouting eyes to the left nose to the right.

I urge to to email Simon Kirby and express your opinion on why he wont see me, this is wrong.

Feel free to leave comments or you can ask me if you need advice.


Daniel x