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When The Drugs No Longer Work

It’s been almost a year since I admitted I had a drug problem, I sing this cover of The Verve’s The Drugs Don’t Work because it reminds me that drugs really do make things worse.

Listen to me sing “Drugs don’t work”

If you live in Brighton and Hove there are some good projects that will give you help to either get your drug problem/addiction controlled again or to help you fully stop.

Being addicted to drugs really is a lonely place, yeah you get to meet so many people, but how many of these people do you see when you are not on drugs?

How many of these people supported you when you got help and relapsed, none because they were there to offer you a bump weren’t they?

I hit my biggest low last August, I hid my problem from many people to spare the upset and pain, but today I am open and honest about the person I have become, I understand that in order to build a house you need bricks.

I know all this because I went through it, its still a battle each and every day to move forward and leave the past behind.