Hi there I am DANIEL HARRIS, and I am the ideal solution to help you with your homelessness, housing and general issues relating to Brighton and Hove City Council here in Brighton and Hove. If you’re looking for someone to assist you with: Evictions, these can be No Fault Section 21 or Revenge Evictions, Housing Issues such as major repair and disrepair and issues with getting on the council housing waiting list, then do consider becoming a client of mine.

A year long Project To Document The Harrowing Realities of Being Homeless in 2023

27 people experiencing homelessness completed a new client survey form which I adapted to act as a fact find / authority to act form in order to advocate for the barrage of people who come to me desperate for help. 

Report By Daniel Harris June 2023

Blog and News


Advocacy, Advice & Signposting

I can advocate for you, which can be useful when dealing with hostile and uncompassionate / unempathetic statutory services who may well fob you off and fail to take the proper duties to assist you.

I am experienced in Casework, Escalation, Raising Safeguarding Concerns, How to Make Effective Complaints, Regulatory Complaints and Subject Access Requests.

LGBTQ+ Housing Advocacy

I am a gay male (him/he) and because of this, my own lived homelessness experience and my knowledge of homelessness has meant a large base of my clients are LGBTQ+ 

With unique complex issues and many of you not originally from the city, I know how important it is we stick together.


Domestic Abuse Housing Help

The Domestic Abuse Bill has made royal assent into law, meaning there are many new powers available to victims and survivors. For example the Full Duty under this act for housing and homelessness relief. If you are leaving or considering fleeing a violent or abusive partner and are worried around housing and homelessness and your rights.


Lived Experience Speaking & Policy Forums

Are you looking for contributors? those with lived homelessness experience? Myself or many of my clients can and are willing to contribute. 

Helping New Groups Develop

I can assist with administration, developing campaigns and knowing how to target decision makers and get change in your community get in touch for more info on how I can assist your group.

Press and Projects

I have contributed to various press and documentaires over the years and am articulate and comfortable around cameras and production studios.  My expertise is: Homelessness, LGBTQ+, Mental Health, Poverty and Communities. 

Temporary Accommodation Board

Through ETHRAG we were instrumental in gaining support and adoption of a temporary accommodation board here in Brighton and Hove. Now named TAAG (Temporary Accommodation Action Group).


Revenge Evictions

My Campaigning work has lead to victims of revenge evictions speaking out, gaining prominent local and national media coverage and ensuring regular annual reports are now brought to the council and better logging of evictions and ways residents can appeal these decisions. 

Council Owned In-house Emergency Accommodation

Using my knowledge, lived experience and determination I have spent 6 years campaigning for In-house local authority homes, which provide better standards, better facilities and save the local taxpayer money compared to the current default & expensive private sector.

Specific Homelessness Accommodation For LGBTQ+ Community

With such a large population locally who come under the LGBTQ+ Umbrella in Brighton and Hove its astonishing we do not have an specific LGBTQ+ Homelessness Provision in the city, this is a city of sanctuary and a current area I am campaigning to change. My Queer clients demand change!




Tax Avoidance and Social Injustice

My campaigns have linked local private housing providers with council contractors to the panama papers tax avoidance scandal and still today I continue to highlight what happens when you provide these companies with lucrative local contracts. the cut corners increase the demand on council services and increase inequality. We must stop all contracts with unscrupulous Organisations and Landlords. 



Valley Social Centre Whitehawk

I have been highlighting for the last few years a real social injustice which is that the Valley Social Centre a Community Owned and Self Funded Community Centre Which its three remaining Trustees, including Cllr Mary Mears, unlawfully ejected trustees, closed the premises and cancelled over 1000 memberships without giving members the opportunity to save a say. The Trustees held secret meetings with the council to sell the venue. A campaign Exists to Reclaim The Centre for the Community. 

Playgrounds, Skateparks and Park Life Brighton

Through my community work I have been involved with Park Life Brighton, an association with big ambitions tranform the playgrounds and general open spaces in Whitehawk East Brighton. The First Project was The Middle Park. Park Life Brighton Engage well with the community, they consult and put on great communitywide free events. 



Homeless Bill of Rights, Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition

As a founding Member of the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition, I have been there from the start and continue to advise on various challenges, trends and casework, in order for the organisation and member organisations to work together in tackling these issues. One of the examples is the Homeless Bill of Rights and Lobbying Local Political Parties around Housing Policy. 

Emergency & Temporary Housing Residents Action Group

I founded this residents group when I was myself homeless and living in substandard, private sector Emergency Accommodation, and could not believe that people could end up living in these conditions and unmanaged often dangerous and dark environments to live. We campaigned around various issues locally and forced a lot of change and highlighted and educated the local population around the issue.

Homeless People MATTER


Take Part and Sign Up For My Services

New clients must complete the registration and permission form and I recommend you also complete the Homeless Survey


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Park Life Brighton

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Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition

Sussex Homeless Support

Sussex Homeless Support



Six Years Experience

Not only do I know our rights around housing and homelessness, equality act and other areas, I have previously been homeless and have had to fight to secure decent statutory duties and a permanent home for myself. I know your struggles because I lived them and can help you navigate hostile environments. DO NOT SUFFER ALONE!

Successful Track Record

There is a reason why I am contacted so often and that's because of my success stories with client case work and highlighting social injustices and work generated primarily via word of mouth.

Planning & Preperation

I will do my own client fact find in order to have a full brief on the case in order to challenge and assist and often survey clients to gain feedback on their experiences and suggestions for improvement which are useful for presenting new policy ideas and areas of improvement within the system.

4K Filming

I can do 4k projects, I have sound and lighting equipment and label mics for filming projects. Please Note: I Do Not Do Commercial Projects.

Help You Build Campaigns

As A Graduate of The Campaign Bootcamp I can assist with a range of areas From: Devising The Campaign, Getting Allies, Building the Volunteer Base - To: Launching The Campaign, Funding, Press, Building Support and Gaining Campaign Aims I can Assist The Right Social Project.


Brighton and Hove Constituency Areas and where placements by Brighton and Hove City Council are made Outside of the City. 

Do you or one of your family members have a Housing and Homelessness and need assistance and support in and around this and advocacy? If So…

I can help you!