Shocking Revenge Eviction: Baron Homes Caught Out Live On Camera

Last weekend Baron Homes Corporation Limited yet again revenge evicted a single mother from Windsor Court Brighton, the company illegally changed the locks and we understand have also refused to give the poor victim her deposit back.

There has been no paperwork given to Maggie in relation to the eviction or notice given, the council have failed

Shelter have confirmed that this is an illegal eviction and entitled to compensation on three separate grounds. This time we will win.

I was shocked that events were allowed to go this far, I tried everything to help Maggie this day, social services did not want to know which you can listen to in this exclusive recording with social services manager Indra.

Whilst I am not attacking social services in general here, I am highlighting a particular individual who I believe hopefully does not represent the Children’s Services Department.

I don’t know about you but that is not the way to help a victim in need.


There is a petition which has been set up to get the revenge evictions and other issues investigated, please can you sign and promote this petition.


My daughter was kicked out of one of their shit holes for complaining about damp mould ever where and a blocked sink and was told to keep her mouth shut and not to tell council how bad the place was if she wanted to keep a roof over her head she also received threats from the thugs who call themselves “the caretakers”

I’m signing because I lived here with Joey when he was 6months, black carpets, fleas, silver fish, damp! Was only moved a week before joeys open head surgery because I refused to take him back there after leaving Great Ormond Street! The place needs knocking down!

My friend is young, hard working and lives with her 8 year old daughter in one of their flats. The flat got broken in to on three consecutive nights a month ago. The door was kicked out the frame and the third attempt was through the windows (which don’t close let alone have locks).

Neither Baron Homes or the Council have repaired the door or windows rendering them homeless or unsafe. They’ve been living at mine to keep them secure. Baron homes even shared the internal pictures of the flat to a neighbour (which must be a confidentially breach) suggesting the place was a mess so how do they know if it had in fact been broken in to (despite three crime references and witnesses).

The mess was only due to her having lost her Mum a few weeks previous and inheriting all her belongings in to the studio flat in which they resided. The real joke is the police could not get finger prints due to the property being too cold at only 12 degrees!! The reason being that the windows don’t close and the heating doesn’t work. This costs her £650 a month. Disgusting!!!


Elected Councillors Have A Duty To Pressure the Council for the Urgent Report into Revenge Evictions

In November at the housing and new homes committee Green Councillor David Gibson passed an amendment asking for the council to urgently investigate the revenge evictions and provide the committee with this report urgently. Its now February and we have heard nothing, this amendment was seconded by Conservative Mary Mears.

Our labour council are failing around housing issues, we keep providing the evidence and nothing is done, they aren’t challenging the officers and double checking standards, they simply aren’t listening hard enough.

Cllr Anne Meadows Should be Ashamed and Consider Her Position as Chair Of Housing and New Homes Committee

Ive just read another article in the Brighton and Hove News written about the plight of a disabled labour member in Brighton and Hove living in substandard accommodation and was shocked at what I read, a so called Labour Councillor claiming paraplegic Bobby Carver is not Trapped in his attic flat, whilst not having the use of his legs.

But Councillor Anne Meadows, who chairs the council’s Housing and New Homes Committee, said:

We do not accept Mr Carver’s claim that he is ‘trapped’ in his current accommodation.

We have offered him wheelchair adapted emergency accommodation appropriate to his assessed needs on two occasions. Mr Carver has refused these.

This is a flat in Windsor Court which she was refereeing to which had a broken lift for 3 weeks last year.

Windsor Court Damp
Windsor Court Damp


You only need to search google to for Robert Carver or Bobby Carver to find out that Anne’s remarks and other un democratic actions require punishment.

Should Anne really be the Chair of the Housing and News Homes Committee after these disgraceful and insensitive remarks? I think Warren Morgan and Clare Moonan should be looking to discipline Anne, whom I understand has never ever even visited Bobby in his trapped state at home in his attic flat.

Peter Kyle Gets It Right And Distances Himself From The Labour Councillors Remarks

Hove MP Peter Kyle issued a response saying:

Bobby needs, deserves and has a right to accommodation that is suited to the challenges he faces.

My Own Personal Experiences

Through a subject access request its become apparent that Anne Meadows has been sabotaging a democratic residents association I founded, set up by vulnerable residents in Emergency and Temporary Accommodation and a UK first, she in emails has been rubbishing our group and our efforts to change peoples lives for the better.

We are all deemed vulnerable and many have disabilities, Anne refers to me in emails as DH, which is an attempt to stop these communications being found when I did a subject Access Request Recently, luckily I have found this out and requested Anne Meadows provide all emails, which is also being closely monitored by the Information Commissioners Office.

The role of the chair is to remain impartial, she has acted without decorum and offended a disabled member of the LGBT Community, this is not only an attack on equality it goes against the values of the Labour Party.

A Vote Of No Confidence

I asked Bobby about the remarks he said this:

She has never EVER visited me.
I feel totally and utterly degraded and dismissed as she clearly have never read any of the medical evidence.
I feel utterly ashamed to call myself a labour supporter currently Daniel 😞
She has just confirmed for me that the council just want to kill me.
It’s slander.
I have contacted Opposition Leads on the Housing and New Homes Committee to express by upset and believe action should be taken or Anne does the right thing and Resigns as Chair of The Housing and New Homes Committee, how can she possibly continue?

DESTRUCTION: Safety Fears With Council Emergency Accommodation

Destruction Leaves Residents In Fear After A Ceiling Collapses

Last year I exposed a similar emergency accommodation story, a families ceiling collapsed due to structural and disrepair issues which almost collapsed in on him. Just one year later the same thing has happened again.

The premises on Westbourne Villas Hove is an Emergency Accommodation building housing  vulnerable people, I was contacted by a concerned resident with these images.

Four inch thick plaster covering the whole room and soaked in water

One resident said:

They’ve already been and cleaned the flat up and ushered the resident to another building, the clean up has started

I understand the initial fall happened on the Thursday evening, whilst the resident was out.

Collapsed Ceiling at Baron Homes Emergency Accomodation Building

I was then informed on the Friday that at around 1:30pm in the afternoon, the Emergency Accommodation building began shaking and then another fall happened.

emergency accomodation two huge holes in the ceiling baron homes
Two huge holes left after the ceiling collapses

ETHRAG (Emergency And Temporary Housing Residents Action Group) have raised this and other incidents with ward councillor’s Tom Bewick and the lead for homelessness Clare Moonan with the images and our concerns.

Clare Moonan was contacted by ETHRAG and has responded saying:

I will make some enquiries into this property and get back to you.

Emergency Accommodation Tips For The Council

  1. 19-20 Westbourne Villas, Hove needs to be inspected by Health and Safety and Council Structural Surveyors.
  2. The Building needs to be given the green light as safe.
  3. Ward Councillors need to ask for the inspections reports for these properties and see if these issues have been raised previously.
  4. Ward Councillors need to visit the building and talk with residents.
  5. Brighton and Hove City Council need to change the regulations around Temporary Accommodation and require landlords to provide structural surveys to ensure safety standards.

At A Recent Committee Meeting

Watch me ask the question at the Housing & New Homes Committee – Wed, 18th Jan 2017 – 4:00 pm – via the Brighton & Hove City Council Webcasting here.

On the 18th January I asked the council this question:

Can the council explain why they do not request and record structural survey reports for Emergency Accommodation buildings which house the vulnerable?

The Chair Anne Meadows said this

Structural Surveys remain the responsibility of the building owner or head licensee, the contracts contain standards required of the accommodation.

I then raised a further question stating the the Town, Country and Planning Act states that when buildings are listed that its the councils responsibility to enforce action to retain the buildings structure in accordance with the grade listed status.

The response was 

I think we are going to have to get a written response to this, a full written response will be sent on to you. We will circulate the response to all members of the committee.

Basically people they the council are actually liable when these buildings are listed and they knew this, so they accepted it requires a written response, basically I was armed with knowledge know they would provide a pitiful response to my initial response which has to be submitted 7 days before to give them time to respond.

Your supplementary question is hidden and thats the key question in these matters, get the avoidance of responsibility in response to question number one and follow up with a killer question.

The Labour Council Needs To Do More

The images above, this blog and the people out there daily helping others deserve a voice and need to be heard, on some issues we are being heard, quietly! We are actually giving the councillors heads up yet they are still not listening.

The fact is these landlords like Baron Homes, are making over £1100 in total per room when you include management fees, now this regular income spread across literally 100’s of rooms in the city provides a nice regular income, which can be borrowed against and even re-mortgaged.

But the income continues, this capital is then used to buy more buildings and feed the role they now play in society, that is to literally suck the welfare state dry, if you consider tenants are vulnerable and often unemployed then this money is coming from housing benefit money.

The tax payer is paying for this poor practice, which has little regulation and safeguarding in place to protect the vulnerable with a legally binding housing duty, its these people who ultimately suffer and until this council realises this and walks with the people, I fear for the day when we have a catastrophe here in Brighton and Hove and lose lives.

Change needs to happen and it needs to happen fast Labour and Brighton and Hove City Council.