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Homelessness & Mental Health

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Please complete this specific Domestic Abuse Survey From Which is more tailored to your specific issue and circumstances.


New: I will be conducting independant patient surveys for patients using the Sussex Partnership Trust East Brighton Mental Health Services as the Panhurst Avenue Site.

Over the last six years or so I truly have dealt with some complex housing and homelessness casework. Working with people from across different communities and class, I have successfully been able to utilise my own former lived experience of homelessness and the vast local network of organisations, decision makers and residents who really do keep me informed on the local issues I need to know about and vice versa I in turn tell them about things I learn from council committee reports and tip-offs from others.  

and Housing
Advocacy Services

I have been helping people in Brighton and Hove suffering from homelessness and housing issues for over six years now and have experience around helping those in need get housed, sort out issues with things like: Disrepair, Housing Allocations Issues, Complaints, Poor Treatment, Homelessness Applications, Advocacy at council, Signposting to Food Banks and other sources of food. Assisting with Provider issues, Revenge Evictions and many other issues.


Additionally I also do specialist work with clients from; minority groups and backgrounds, including women, care leavers / formerly looked after children, persons with mental health and neurodivergent people. 

LGBTQ+ Community, Youth and Those from Deprived Communities and People fleeing Domestic Abuse Violence.

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Legal Assistance and representation

There have been various improvements in statutory legislation over the years to help people with various laws which can assist you getting housing and homelessness support. 

I am currently Studying Law Part Time and Regularly read new legislation and guidance note and follow housing tribunal cases.

I can also refer and recommend you to good local law firms who will fight for your rights.    

Advocacy With Brighton and Hove City Council

Navigating the local authority can be a challenge. Brighton & Hove City Council have for years been known as a touch council when it comes to housing, homelessness and Community Consultation. 

Though various groups and networks, no matter what your issue, I can always assist or signpost you toward help. 

Housing Referral

In general the council have a prevention duty to provide emergency homelessness relief for 56 days under new legislation. Local Authorities should be conducting thorough homelessness assessments and providing homelessness and council housing applicants with the right duties and services and bandings.

Unfortunately I know from feedback that their are still many issues, people being placed outside the city, spending hundreds on travel, hours back and forth and living in overcrowded conditions, provided the wrong relief duty, instead of full priority need under the new Domestic Abuse Act. 

Navigating your rights, in particular in relation to getting housed in decent quality, affordable and safe accomodation is a challenge, but not an impossible on. Whatever your issue firstly remember you are not alone. 

Finally remember the more we share about our experiences good and bad, the more educated others become, the ability to connect with others suffering similar injustices gives us a larger voice and we can change things for the better!

For more information or to submit a request for help. Get in touch!

Finding and securing housing

There are so many routes to finding and securing housing here in Brighton and Hove. Many rent privately, but the largest landlord remains Brighton and Hove City Council with 14,000 Council Homes in the City. 

There are good social landlords and the council can help with private sector landlords with a social conscience. 

The housing waiting list was 27k this was culled to just 4.5k and is now rising to 7k on the housing waiting list as of May 2022.

Eviction Prevention

Prevention duties largely come under local authority jurisdiction, however if you are living in a housing association, or private you could be subject to a no fault section 21 eviction, or a revenge eviction or room cancellation within Emergency Accommodation. 

Check Out The Links on the Left of the page which are very helpful. 

Housing workshops

From time to time I am informed on local housing workshops, events, conferences and policy forums happening sometimes virtual often face to face either here in Brighton and Hove or in London. 

Information and Referral

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"Thank you without your help and support these last few months, I don't know what I would have done without you. You have been our rock! ."
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