What Support Services Are Available in Brighton and Hove for Care Leavers?

How I Started My Journey

When I initially started my journey of self discovery about six months ago, I would have described myself as being in serious personal crisis, having already come to terms with my addictions the next step was for me to find services locally in Brighton and Hove.

The main areas in my life I needed support with were:

  • Drug addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Housing and homelessness advice
  • Mentoring
  • Therapy / Counselling
  • Having my voice heard
  • Building new social and professional networks
  • Dealing with the past

The Late Great Lewis Carroll – Brighton and Hove based author of Alice in Wonderland once said.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

I have asked myself this question many times, in fact I have many questions about the past which need answers to, some I already have many I still need.


Over the years I have thought about having counselling, as a gay man who was previously looked after, I have many issues and significant life events which need evaluating.

I have developed a self awareness around what my personal challenges are, I even understand how these challenges and events have affected me, what I didn’t have were the tools to evoke change and move on.

I discovered that their is help out there for someone like me, this started in the form of drug rehabilitation.

Pavilions – Drug and Alcohol Services for People in Brighton & Hove

I initially contacted pavilions in August 2015, I had hit rock bottom and wanted to do something about the addiction, I wanted to change the addiction made me lose control of myself and ultimately took over my life.

I met Gary Smith who is a LGBT support worker, Gary was great our weekly sessions enabled me to set realised goals to achieve, I wasn’t expected to go straight into detox although this was offered.

Just knowing I had Gary helped me manage and explore my reasons for my substance misuse, which turned out to be connected to my other underlining issues described above in bullet points.

The service is fully confidential, Pavilions offer one to one support, group therapy and peer support, they have an on site nurse who can assist with any medication you may require to help you win your battle. The service is an important step for anyone looking to move on in life, no matter what your sexuality is.

You can call Pavilions on 0800 014 9819.


I also use Mankind which I will discuss in a later post.

Have you used pavilions before? did you find this article useful? are their any services you have used locally you want me to highlight? I welcome comments and contributions.


Daniel x