Why We Should Be Holding Our Parents And Grandparents To Account?


Grandparents todays pensioners we one apart of a social revolution, after ww2 the United Kingdom was open for business, immigration was key to help rebuild our country after the devastating affect of ww2.

People came from all across the Commonwealth to join our society, we built housing, created and expanded the NHS, we started to enact human rights policies and relinquished old anti civil rights laws. Together we worked toward building a greater nation, socialism.

Then came capitalism and the housing market, when the ‘right to buy’ was introduced and local authorities dramatically reduced the number of new council house builds we gave our pensioners the opportunity to own their own home. In principle this is a good idea, however we failed to rebuild like for like and the introduction of Right To Buy also gained the interest of property developers and landlords wanting to buy ex council house stock to refurbish and make a few quid out of it.

Our grandparents were provided secure housing and today they stand by and allow a Tory Government and New Labour off the hook, we introduced and focused on becoming greedy, we didn’t live within our means which has meant your grandchildren are now suffering.

We can afford to go to University, something that was free for you, we cant pay our rents or afford to get on the housing ladder, we are in massive amounts of debt. Why should we suffer for your greediness, its time our grandparents worked with todays youth to put right the wrongs of the past.


Our Parents were the ones who taught us right from wrong, our parents were bought up in a different society, one where greed and war were all too familiar, they had some great times, but also suffered financial crisis and debt. Many parents are angry, they’re angry because they have seen their lives frozen for over 10 years, wages haven’t really increased and the cost of living has risen dramatically.

Parents have seen the becoming more and more filled with the homeless, they have been to food banks when their credit cards are maxed or they and simply choosing between having a roof over there heads or not eating for a few days.

Our parents have seen their parents grow older, many are property owners and have more than the average salary saved, some have seen their older relatives grow apart, loneliness in older people is rising.

I think we have a split with our parents, those who have benefited from life and those who have not, the latter will probably be more included to vote leave in the eu referendum, many have switched off from the spin politics of the last 30 years.

Our patents need to be reawakened, we need them to fight for their grandchildren, they need to strike and protest for our future and a protest to save a generation.

In Conclusion

We are the future and we deserve to be able to live or lives in a secure and fair society which provides opportunities for all people in society, we should be looking after each other and building new friendship networks, not building walls and walking past people who has suffered from your gains, to walk away now is to give in.

Get more active in politics and volunteer for local charity projects, people who are suffering hardship are still human and with just a little bit of investment, we can start to build a preventative society, rather than a neglected one.

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