My Day With Jeremy Corbyn. In Brighton and Hove.

Jeremy Corbyn Arrives in Brighton and Hove with an important Announcement

I was expecting a speech at the Train station on the state of the railways in the UK and in particular Southen Rail, with a five day strike starting next monday, instead Jeremy who has just travelled from Leeds to Brighton via train, greeted a few journalists and well wishers and headed out canvassing.

Jeremy Door Knocking with East Brighton By-Election Candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle

I had been aware I was canvassing with Lloyd, Jeremy and many others for his by-election, this was close to where Lloyd lives in Kemptown, which enabled maximum efficiency, personally I disagreed with this decision, I felt that as someone who was raised in Whitehawk, that Jeremy should meet those often neglected locals.

Jeremy arrived at the St Georges Inn, greeted everyone personally with his wife Laura, Lloyd was explaining his policies and plans should he get elected, I discussed with Jeremy Whitehawk and explained the community spirit and lack of secondary school, which Lloyd has pledged to change.

On the way out the staff wanted a picture, so I did this rare and cheeky video, which really does show the nature of Jeremy and how relaxed he is around like minded people. “Free Beer For The Workers, Jeremy declares, of course he is tee total himself.

The Peoples Rally! One Month After Brighton and Hove District Labour Party Suspended.

I was welcomed to the rally by 1200 supporters inside and 500 outside, the event was exciting, positive and fun, smiles all around and a great atmosphere. Poppy Burt a single mother and activist spoke first, the wind and weather was not great, Poppy was going to cut her speech short before Jeremy insisted she finished what she had started, another testament of how he likes to listen.

Then Jeremy arrived.

There have been some misquoted stuff in the press:

This Rally was organised by Jeremy for Labour Campaign not Momentum.

There were Three Councillors in the Room, not Two

Social Media Responses

The full Speech and some small messages from Jeremy.

My Final Thoughts…

Its time that we unite to fight for those who are vulnerable, put political infighting away in a cupboard and throw away the key, listen like Jeremy does and reach out rather than retreat. New members are not a cult, we are normal people and you cannot use the excuse that the same old people are at these events, as a new member from Nov 2015, I represent real peoples issues not political tactics.