Foodbank stats give lie to Tory “economic competence” – and humanity

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Look at the Year on Year Increases. This year if it wasn’t for friends I would have needed to use a food bank, when I was in emergency accommodation I lost two stone in weight. The Trussell Trust are reporting Benefit Delays and Homelessness as main reasons for referrals. The Tories Only Care About The Rich, The Poor Suffer Each Time They Get Into Power 😦


When the SKWAWKBOX first looked at Foodbank usage statistics in 2013, it was clear that they cast a stark light on Tory claims to be a ‘one nation’ party and to any semblance of ‘economic competence’. Yet somehow, they were able to ‘fool enough of the people enough of the time’ to retain power in 2015.

Things have only got worse. Will we be fooled again – or will we see them for the charlatans they are?

fbreasonsImage courtesy of the talented @rachael_swindon

‘Strong fundamentals’?

In July 2015, then-Chancellor George Osborne instituted what he called a ‘national living wage’, in a cynical attempt to steal Labour’s thunder on wages. Labour accused the Tories of misleading, pointing out that it was in fact a slightly higher (and very conditional) minimum wage, well below actual ‘living wage’ levels.

They were largely ignored by the media.

The latest half-year figures by Trussell Trust…

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