Brighton and Hove City Council: Housing Related Budget Cuts 2017

I am just going through the housing related proposed budget cuts and savings for 2017, imposed by the Tory government, implemented by a minority Labour council in Brighton and Hove.

Headline Cuts:

Pages 172 –

General Housing Fund:  A total of £1.6million in cuts some of which are outlined below.

Temporary Accommodation & Allocations: £715,000 cuts for 2017, up from £40,000 in 2016. The savings from the changes to the allocation policy are calculated on the basis of current costs and an estimate of 35% of social housing being allocated to homeless households.

Please note in the November Housing and New Homes Committee, the new allocations policy stated that a minimum of 40% of new Homemove Allocations will be for those in homeless households, so I am unsure why they have written 35%.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme: There is a £100,000 cut to this service, this service is vital in helping people who cannot afford a deposit for private sector housing, clearly homelessness is rising, we have a net loss on council homes due to the right to buy, therefore this service being cut could mean a failure to house people. I will be keeping an eye on this!

Travellers: £21,000 in Cuts anticipated through the use of the new site for travellers, however the unauthorised encampments pose a further risk to cuts, most likely enforced by the new public protection order, which is currently not being enforced.

Neighbourhood, Communities & Housing: Total Cuts and Savings = £2.7million

Community Safety: £122k in Cuts for 2017, affecting; LGBT Community Services and the removal of the LGBT Housing Liaison Worker. Communities Against Drugs – Part Time Staff Member post gone. Get ready to see more drug parafunalia such as infected needles like the image below taken today St Peters Church Ward.

Dirty Needle Astoria Brighton Image
Dirty Needles

Environmental Health: £115,000 Cut to service in 2017, risk of not following statutory duty to investigate issues. Such as conditions and safety concerns in Temporary, Emergency and private sector housing.

Finally Food banks 

Brighton and Hove have 15 operational food banks in the city.

We have much more to learn but I would like to see the above reversed to ensure some of the most vulnerable people in our city are not left even further behind.

Source: Agenda Report Pack