Shocking Revenge Eviction: Baron Homes Caught Out Live On Camera

Last weekend Baron Homes Corporation Limited yet again revenge evicted a single mother from Windsor Court Brighton, the company illegally changed the locks and we understand have also refused to give the poor victim her deposit back.

There has been no paperwork given to Maggie in relation to the eviction or notice given, the council have failed

Shelter have confirmed that this is an illegal eviction and entitled to compensation on three separate grounds. This time we will win.

I was shocked that events were allowed to go this far, I tried everything to help Maggie this day, social services did not want to know which you can listen to in this exclusive recording with social services manager Indra.

Whilst I am not attacking social services in general here, I am highlighting a particular individual who I believe hopefully does not represent the Children’s Services Department.

I don’t know about you but that is not the way to help a victim in need.


There is a petition which has been set up to get the revenge evictions and other issues investigated, please can you sign and promote this petition.


My daughter was kicked out of one of their shit holes for complaining about damp mould ever where and a blocked sink and was told to keep her mouth shut and not to tell council how bad the place was if she wanted to keep a roof over her head she also received threats from the thugs who call themselves “the caretakers”

I’m signing because I lived here with Joey when he was 6months, black carpets, fleas, silver fish, damp! Was only moved a week before joeys open head surgery because I refused to take him back there after leaving Great Ormond Street! The place needs knocking down!

My friend is young, hard working and lives with her 8 year old daughter in one of their flats. The flat got broken in to on three consecutive nights a month ago. The door was kicked out the frame and the third attempt was through the windows (which don’t close let alone have locks).

Neither Baron Homes or the Council have repaired the door or windows rendering them homeless or unsafe. They’ve been living at mine to keep them secure. Baron homes even shared the internal pictures of the flat to a neighbour (which must be a confidentially breach) suggesting the place was a mess so how do they know if it had in fact been broken in to (despite three crime references and witnesses).

The mess was only due to her having lost her Mum a few weeks previous and inheriting all her belongings in to the studio flat in which they resided. The real joke is the police could not get finger prints due to the property being too cold at only 12 degrees!! The reason being that the windows don’t close and the heating doesn’t work. This costs her £650 a month. Disgusting!!!


Elected Councillors Have A Duty To Pressure the Council for the Urgent Report into Revenge Evictions

In November at the housing and new homes committee Green Councillor David Gibson passed an amendment asking for the council to urgently investigate the revenge evictions and provide the committee with this report urgently. Its now February and we have heard nothing, this amendment was seconded by Conservative Mary Mears.

Our labour council are failing around housing issues, we keep providing the evidence and nothing is done, they aren’t challenging the officers and double checking standards, they simply aren’t listening hard enough.

Baron Homes: Secrets, Lies & Revenge Evictions.

Back in May I exposed the links between Baron Homes Corporation Limited, Panama Papers, Tax Evasion and the Robbery of the State.

Who Are Baron Homes Corporation Limited?

Set up in the 90’s after the conservative government introduced the Right to Buy Scheme Company No: 02930345. Baron Homes are everywhere to be found in Brighton and Hove today and have enough assets to launch legal action anytime someone speaks out.

I don’t have a pot to piss in, excuse the expression!

Since this company have been in operation, we have seen a huge rise in the private rental sector, the sale and loss of many council owned homes in Brighton and Hove, a huge rise in homelessness and the rise of the Private Sector taking ownership of Temporary and Emergency Accommodation.

The below image is just one example of linked companies buying up council assets for redevelopment into luxory accommodation, now a 1 bed is on the market for £950pcm – This compares to the average homemove rent of £300pcm.

Image of Building
Baron Estates Ex Brighton and Hove City Council Building Redevelopment

The Hidden Homeless: File on 4 BBC Radio Documentary

Last night the BBC broadcast  a 40 minute documentary focusing on the impact of living in Temporary Accommodation, the reasons for this including the sale of council owned properties and companies acting like cartels.

Listen to the file on 4 current affairs hidden homeless documentary based partially on my campaigning and Brighton and Hove.

Latest government figures show councils in England took on 15,000 new homeless households between April and June this year – a 10 per cent increase on the previous year.

Terri and Angela two single mothers living in Windsor Court, Windsor Street Brighton, contacted the BBC regarding issues relating to the accommodation and to explain why Emergency Services are onsite, as reported by BBC Sussex a few weeks back.

Within days of this the mothers faced reprisals for speaking out, what they call as a targeted revenge eviction from Baron Homes.

Meet Terri who was quickly evicted by Baron Homes and removed from Brighton and Hove

Family Hit By Revenge Eviction
Terri fears reprisals so has asked I not Identify Kane for security reasons

Initially Ben Weisz Political Reporter from the BBC visited Terri at the notorious Baron Homes Accommodation known as Windsor Court, to discuss the number of Ambulance Callouts for the Property, which as you can see has jumped to about 2 per week in 2016.

Ambulance Dispatches Emergency Accommodation Brighton and Hove

On the 18th October 2016 another BBC Journalist Simon Cox contacted the family as part of a documentary around Hidden Homelessness, Terri wanted to speak out and help educate the wider public on what life is like living in Emergency Accommodation as a single mother.

Terri states – The caretaker from Baron Homes forced entry to flat 17 where we then were, and aggressively removed Simon Cox to the extreme of seeing him out the building.

Terri explained that at that time, there was nothing to written within the contract about not allowing media visitors at Windsor Court. Residents are allowed visitors during set times.

The next day 19th October 2016 Terri explains that she came home at 12:45pm to find her flat had been entered without prior notification or knowledge. She explains  that during bad weather the door window pane was broken, and whilst she was unhappy they had entered her flat without prior notice, that getting it fixed was more important.

Then Terri explains – 

The glass company contracted out by Baron Homes had decided to shave and cut the glass in my home, glass was all over my carpet and they clearly didn’t use dust sheets leaving glass shavings all over the entrance.

I rang Baron Homes and asked them to send someone out about this as I was now very upset whilst waiting for Baron Homes to arrive, I also called the Brighton and Hove City Council being placed on hold.

Terri then states that at around 13:03pm, she saw over her balcony Matt the Baron Homes Caretaker arriving alone, she says there was something different about him so ran to the second floor, then down to the first floor to meet Matt.

She explains that whilst on hold and on loud speaker, Matt started taking photos and then the council advisor answered saying “we are sorry about the wait”. Matt hears that Terri is on the phone to Brighton and Hove City Council.

Terri States –

He realises I’m ringing the council, he said – “you’re not still ringing the council are you?” I said,  ‘well yes, I didn’t know this was happening and they’ve left my home in a mess and its dangerous,’

The Caretaker said sarcastically “you have a hoover don’t you?” Terri said “it’s not my job to clean that, it should not be there!”

The Caretaker walks back from the lift door, and says

Terri I’m talking to you as a friend, if you ring the council and complain I will tell Baron Homes you broke the glass yourself and you’ll have to pay £75. so Terri said “so you want to blackmail me? The Caretaker stated “No I’m talking to you as a friend, you complain and I tell them you lied”

Terri states that a week prior another caretaker called Ali informed the council officers who were doing an inspection of the property that the glass was broken by the wind.

Then Terri explains she said if Matt explains she broke this, that he would look stupid as it had already been reported as an accident.

The Caretaker Said to Terri “don’t call me stupid you fat bitch, I’ll kick you out then” Terri said “how are you going doing that though Matt? I’ve done nothing wrong, but come home to get pissed off and have you try blackmail and now threaten me? Are you joking?

Matt now moves forward backing me to the wall, I can smell the coffee on his breathe “hang up the phone!” (At this point two BLACK men open the door from 17 seeing matt backing me to the wall) Matt noticed them alerting me I shout, (Help! Can you hear this he’s blackmailing me!) Matt perks up shut up you stupid bitch ” the two men shout what’s going on? And Matt walks now towards them, I shout so now two MEN are here you want to walk away?

Angry because I was intimidated I called him a pussy and  I shouted at him how dare he scare me and my child who was stood between us the whole time and then walk away when men come out because your behaving wrong! Are you joking come on don’t be shy now I shouted, as he walked down the stairs instead of answering me he simply shouts “shut up you stupid bitch your a liar, she’s a liar everybody”

Terri says – Now shaking and scared senseless I grab my son and keys and walk out to the front of the building in hope to catch the two men who had interrupted. As I left they were there, they asked me if I was okay and we had started to discuss what had happened.

Finally the Male council staff member answered around 13:15pm she states the Caretaker saw her speaking to the council officer and shouted ‘oi’ then said “just remember who they believe”. then passed her a room cancellation notice.

Terri States the Council staff member asked her to come down to the council. By the time she got there, she states her son was traumatised by the incident and wouldn’t take his hands away from his eyes.

She states that Baron Homes contacted the council made an allegation of 4 separate racially abusive incidents which was the reason they cancelled her room – Also they said because she didn’t pay for the window, which she didn’t break.

I have asked Terri if she had received any previous warnings in writing and she has stated no, Terri refutes the allegations and in fact defiantly went to the police station to report the incident with the caretaker. Which they couldn’t take further due to no evidence.

I contacted another resident who jumped at the defence of Terri and said

My neighbour has been evicted with just less than 24hrs notice.. On grounds of racism.. She’s not racist. Baron homes told the council that she has had 4 complaints of abuse towards contractors and abuse and racism towards staff.

She spoke to simon cox yesterday and again today after what happened . She made a complaint about her door being fixed without prior notice. The caretaker gave key to glazier who left glass shavings on her floor. She wants to make this even more public via

She has a four year old son. Cant believe they are doing this.

Whats happened to Terri?

She says – I’m now living in Seaford paying £40 a fortnight to get my son to nursery just so he can keep some stability! My son wouldn’t come home for days he was too scared.

I’m in a nice place it’s warm and clean, however I can’t have a Christmas tree for the second year running. Only difference this year is I can not allow anyone to buy him presents. For where am I to put them? I haven’t the room my whole life is now in boxes and bags in the corner of my now home.

I can’t unpack I can’t plan. I just have to go day by day wondering when I’ll get moved.

When did standing up for my rights actually do anything? I mean is having a voice in today’s world worth it. I mean all it’s done to me is take my home away.,Force me and my son into sharing a bed with no ability to watch tv on a sofa again.

I’ve had not a seat to sit on since February this year when I was moved into flat 6 from mouldy 45 which was large compared to my sorry state smaller flat, flat 6.

My son is four he is doing really well at school but this shit just keeps setting him back and me.

I have PTSD, I’m unwell and have been forced to moved again, to pack my life up in less then 24 hours and even had to move myself with no help to Seaford.

It took nearly the whole year to get better after the stress of last year to the point I had key workers coming from left right and centre.

Now I can’t say next year won’t start the same as this one. When will I get my forever home? When will my son get to be a child and have a home and normal bed time and routine. He’s the one that’s been punished not me!

I haven’t lost anything I have him, but for him, he loses friends relationships he’s built will suffer and have to be rebuilt eventually. It disturbs his behaviour at home he punishes me. He suffers not I! So why can’t they see that. Do what you like to me, my baby, boy you best keep praying cause I won’t stop I will rectify what my son has been through no matter what.

There are almost 2000 children living in temporary accommodation in Brighton and Hove, this the story of one. I know who I believe, especially with all the other reports about Baron Homes that I’ve been shown. Make your own mind up and remember if you haven’t already listen to Terri yourself. 

What is it that makes a good Father?

Having spent almost 32 years thinking about this I think I know what it takes. I am gay and have always wanted children, and to not be able to have them makes me understand what I am missing. Yet my father had 8 children and was never really their for us, yes I have a few good memories but that was years ago.

I remember coming out as gay at 16, he never spoke to me for 2 years, it was hard enough coming out as it was, I remember in 1999, we still had section 28, which made it illegal to teach children in school about different sexualities. The legal age for sex was 18 years old and I was ought up in a homophobic family who were uneducated.

I have always been comfortable being gay and have never allowed anyones thoughts on the issue to affect me, being gay has its own challenges, I remember my first job when I worked for Curry’s Electrical store in Crawley. I was 16 and it was hard, Crawley has a quite diverse population and different religions, I was bought up in a working class background in a council estate.

I didn’t know who I was, I wanted to work and make something of my life, I ran away from my family and Brighton and Hove because I hated my childhood, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Whilst the job had challenges I remember meeting someone called Sunny, he was asian but grew up in holland, he was this conservative, well spoken guy with a great work ethic, he taught me sales and within a few months I was the top sales person.

Not really being a tied down religious person, I consider myself as agnostic, but their was a cultural difference when I lived in Crawley, I remember going to my locker and finding pictures of men stuck to it, I was 16 this was clearly harassment.

I had a partner who was a father himself, I remember one particular time leaving on a Saturday, it was a busy day, we all had an end of day briefing and as I put my jacket on to leave and walked out the door all the alarms went off.

The security searched me and I took my jacket off, you know those sticky alarms, they were stuck inside my jacket everywhere. The reason the alarms went off was because they wanted to hurt me and it did I cried my eyes out, i didn’t understand why I was hated and why people would do that to someone who didn’t really understand what it was to be gay.

But this incident had an impact more than i thought at the time, it did help to make me more resilient, I decided to leave that job and went on to study performing arts. which was probably one of the most happiest periods of my life, I was able to express myself in a safe and creative environment.

My father during this period and pretty much from 1999 to 2016 has never really bothered with me, I have always gone to him, always call him, always turned up at his place to see him. I cant remember one occasion as an adult whereby he has made no real effort.

You can set your clock by him going to see my older brother weekly, each end every week, always making efforts, calling him being a dad, my brother had a father and I am sure now he has cancer its going to kill and hurt my older brother.

Me it hasn’t hit me, and I am sure it wont until it is too late, I have defied the odds, achieved so much and really only wanted my father to acknowledge this and say he is proud, instead he shows no emotion and no care.

I am the bad one because when I see him I ask him questions about when I was sexually abused as a child, people say ‘you shouldn’t discuss such things with him’ why not? He has never really spoken to me heart to heart, I can never remember him reading me a book.

I remember when my mother and he split in 1993, it was firework night they argued because he spend all the firework money we made doing penny for the guy on alcohol, their was a huge row in the house and obviously there was more to the story than we knew. My mother moved out and soon their was a divide in the family she took her other two blonde haired children and my dad who has jet black hair took his two children with jet black hair, my the ginger one, felt left out and unwanted.

I have counselling every week and have done for the last five months, we discuss family and we realised its good for me to discuss my inner feelings with family, however when you have a father and his wife who has nothing to do with my history with my father who insists I should be open and honest in getting answers, it creates conflict.

The truth is, I was brave to leave at 16, I was brave to choose a different path in life and I was brave to even approach my father for answers, if he hasn’t got the balls to listen to his son, understand that I need answers and provide me with the answers as a father then he is not a father.

To me a father is someone who educates you, listens and sets boundaries, a father should inspire his children, he should shower his children with love and teach his children the difference between right and wrong.

I remember how I was taught to swim, at the age of 6 -7 we used to go to Brighton beach I remember he put me on his shoulders and swam out to see, then he released me and swam back, I was so scared It was frightening, yes I learned to get back, but for years after I’ve been scared of swimming in the sea.

I remember he was the one who inspired me about football and for that I will always be happy for, I love Brighton and Hove Albion, he helped me with that, he didnt play football with us, but he took us to football, and the the pub after.

As a teenager I got in trouble, I was basically allowed to run riot, I remember getting in trouble with the police, there were no mobiles in those days, do you know when I got arrested, the police used to all the pub to get my father.

Another time I come of a bike on a road and fractured my arm, he had to take me to the hospital, he said I am going to miss darts. Basically we were more a hinderance than a treasure and i’ve always battled with this, not fully understanding why, i’ve had partners who have great parents and i’ve always been jealous.

Imagine seeing your father and feeling like he doesn’t really know you, or not really having much in common or thinking does he love me? thats my life.

I’ve decided to move on with my life, I’ve decided that  having him in my life will never work, he will never live up to my expectations and will never be strong enough or man enough to be a father, instead he just wants to be a dad, and thats fine with me. No longer will I let the weakness of him be a negative aspect in my life, I am stronger and I am more educated and emotional, I am free and I am my own person. It is his loss but my gain.

What was your childhood like? did you experience a life like mine? let me know int he comments.