Gay Homeless Man from Brighton Living in fear after suffering homophobic abuse


75 days ago now I was contacted by a gay man living Brighton and Hove who reports living in fear after suffering homophobic abuse whilst living in a notorious unsupported private sector Emergency Accommodation hostel. This person advised that they are living in shared facilities and have been for many months since they were taken off the streets after a bout of 2 years sleeping rough. 

Like many who contact me which is normally via social media or a referral from a former client, they were very informative and articulate as to the issue they had hit breaking point with.

In this period, I have gained a full overview of the nature of my clients vulnerabilities, I formally raised safeguarding concerns to Brighton and Hove City Council and asked for my client to be safeguarded and moved away from that abusive, hate and unsupported chaotic environment to somewhere my client will and should feel safe. 

This case study details what has happened in the last 75 days since I was first contacted, what must be learned and the steps that I recommend are taken by Brighton and Hove City Council, to ensure this situation never happens again. 

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Homeless Deaths Brighton and Hove

The Struggle To Move Forward

Just how does someone move forward and a long period sleeping rough, sofa surfing and generally having no stable life for years? One solution is Housing First, which is a service designed for those who hit the multiple complex needs criteria. My client a complex gay man in his mid 30’s would be an ideal candidate for such a project. Why?

My client has reported firstly a history of male rape, of which they have been significantly impacted day to day, with the mental struggle to overcome those horrific and life changing violations against a human being. A very honest person who explains that that and a history of drug abuse and other issues such as mental health and homelessness, my clients literally health and struggles got worse when the county went into a national lockdown. 

These are some of the details: “Two guys strangled me into unconsciousness and then raped me before kicking and stamping my face and head in…added on top of the rest of my history and upbringing It fucked my life up completely and I haven’t been the same since”.

Sometime into the pandemic my client was picked up by a street based service provider and was placed into a hotel.

Here are the clients initial messages to myself which were received on 11th April 2022 – 23rd April 2022.

“Hi Dan my name is <Client Name Redacted>  I’m a friend of someone u helpped a while bk and was advised to seek ur help with a problem I’ve been having… Up until august last year I was on the streets homeless for nearly two years … I “sloped through the net” as they like to say to excuse themselves and received no help until after the main pandemic….
I’m a 36 year old gay man who has various mental health issues caused by life long traumas caused by physical sexual emotional an mental abuse and no family or friends to support me or to help me find my way out of this hole I’m in… The homeless team originally found me in a tent and took me to a place in old stiene which was perfect, I had my own room with a private Bathroom which is vital to me as the last sexual assault I dealt with was in a bathroom and so I cannot use public toilets….
The council decided to pull me out of there and placed me in 17-19 grand parade where I have remained ever since… This place is hell, and no one in baron homes gives a shit about anyone there or about our delicate mental state of minds…. To the point where I’m forced to share bathrooms with people that have no locks or respect for the people who are using the facilities at the time They Originally placed me in the basement room Which left my belongings moulding from the damp and caused my asthma to return after 20 years and for me to get so sick that my skin I’m covered in a red blotchy rash caused by the mould spores, after weeks of complaining And sending them pictures of my skin end of the Mouldy clothes they finally moved me upstairs after I took to the internet and started shaming them….
Since I have been moved upstairs I have been harassed non stop … I’ve had people sneaking around outside my room listening in every single time I get indoors, I’m getting shouted at for moving around my room by people downstairs… I can’t move play music or watch tv because I get shouted at and have people throwing things at my windows and door generally intimidating me….
I’ve had somone trying to break into my room via my window which is now severely damaged and makes my room so unbelievably cold that I have got sick a number of times…
the attempted break in was reported to baron homes who have done nothing about it, they said it was damaged caused by the wind lol they still haven’t fixed it and I’m still getting harassed which has caused me to put cameras up in my room and forces me to not be there much….
I pay to live there but cannot because I feel so intimidated and threatened…. I’ve had my room illegally entered by baronnhomes and by police of which I’ve recorded footage of…
I should have been moved by now, I’m the last person there from august and have no idea what else to do because no one cares enough to help me… Please help, I don’t know what else to do and I’m so close to losing it or snapping or doing something I shouldn’t and it’s not right…
I should have been moved in January but instead they keep me in a building full of homophobic abuse and bullying….”

Hi <Client Name Redacted>,

This all sounds really awful, and quite scary. A few things, when did you move into Grand Parade? And prior to this when did you move into the other place from the tent?

Who have you been speaking with at the council, have you approached or complained about the standards to them? I have heard a-lot about the conditions there, the homophobic abuse is totally unacceptable.



“August last year I left the tent and went into old stiene and then about a week later was placed in grand parade, I’ve approached the landlords; my housing officer of the council; I’ve spoken to my social worker from just life; I’ve even written to brighton council themselves….”

The problem is it’s so bad that I can’t even bring myself to tidy up my room, my mum raised me to be a clean and tidy person and my room is just disgraceful because I’m too intimidated to tidy it because if I make one noise they start the whole process again.. and it’s gone on for so long now I don’t know how to change it.”

You will need to copy all those messages and put into an email and I can advocate. You will need to write a passage such as “ Daniel Harris please can you advocate for me with regards to my housing and homelessness case, I give you permission to contact the relevant people at the council to help.” Add your name and address and contact details. Send to me. [email protected]

“The only way for me to do that is to send each email individually…. Is that what u mean? Or I can take screen shots to put into the email?”

4 days later…

“I can’t do that on a phone I need a laptop or computer…. Something I do not have…. I need to get out of there Dan, I’m in serious danger of physical violence……”

“The council won’t discuss anything with me unless I have written permission.”

“I have given u written permission via email as u wanted but have stated that I will sort out the emails u requested shortly I’m just abit stressed out right now, there’s a couple of dudes in this building that’s going around beating up the other tenants and stealing their money, prescription drugs, breaking into their rooms either via door window or attic access door, they have really done one over on my friend in the basement.”

As you can see from reading the above initial conversations these were over a period of 12 days, the chaotic environment and persons health as a result meant it was a challenge to get the required permission. But we got there on the 23rd April 2022.

Housed around hate and harassment

My Client is ever so grateful to have been picked up and taken off the streets. How they ended up on the streets in the first place is another story entirely. But as you can see from reading the above they are certainly suffering symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;

“Someone with PTSD often relives the traumatic event through nightmares and flashbacks, and may experience feelings of isolation, irritability and guilt. They may also have problems sleeping, such as insomnia, and find concentrating difficult.”

Other issues associated with PTSD are:

Many people with PTSD also have a number of other problems, including:

  • other mental health problems, such as depressionanxiety or phobias
  • self-harming or destructive behaviour, such as drug misuse or alcohol misuse
  • other physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches

PTSD sometimes leads to work-related problems and the breakdown of relationships.

These are all areas stress can trigger and this has happened with my client repetitively. 


“What do I do about this guy? Call the police? No one’s going to do anything about it and I can’t have someone attack me Dan mate…
I flip out… I mean I literally vacate my mind and black out …. I almost killed my dad because of it I can’t do that here, I can’t end up in prison it’s my worst fear.”
“It’s getting to a point where I’m starting to feel like I’m better off on the street, when I get paid i think I might just buy a tent again. And leave this room, or just be in my tent but with access to the room durin the day so I can charge batteries and stuff.”
“I can’t handle it anymore it’s become a really shit place to be.”
“Yes report to the police please and get the crime reference number.”
“Sorry can I ask what Just Life are doing for you? Those people get paid man, are they not supporting? Is that your email address as well?

“Just life have given me a social worker but I mean, he’s been great and all but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect tbh.”

“They have said they have sent them msgs and called them but nothings come of it.”

“Hi Dan I needed to make a point of sharing what I sent Louie my Just Life worker today.

“I don’t want to be put into supported accommodation it was something that Louie kind of talked me into, but I need my own place where I have privacy and my own space which has been a big issue atm… I can’t share a bathroom as it’s where I experienced a major physical and sexual attack and my mental health sets my anxiety off in such a way that sharing a bathroom is just not possible.”

Seeking Out Advocacy and Help

As we went into the the month on May, Things significantly deteriorated with my client to an extent where I genuinely thought he was going to take his own life. 

This was when I started going higher up as i’ve had a few clients in these traumatic circumstances and up dead. 

Please keep in your mind that these people are placed into unsupported private sector hostel type accommodation run by a controversial organisation who is known to treat tenants badly, threaten and even issue scrupulous revenge eviction notices should anyone dare raise disrepair issues.  


“Listen Dan, I’ve had it I can’t cope anymore… I don’t feel safe I’m seriously starting to find this place frightening and I’m positive someone’s trying to either break into my room or scare me off away from this place and I’m sorry I hope it’s the latter and they have won.

I cannot cope, I’m literally suicidal here

I almost drank a bottle of g today and I am becoming a fucking paranoid loonatic….

I cannot stay here

I just can’t

I need to find somewhere to store my valuables and empty out this room so I can throw what’s left over and clean it before walking out

I’d rather live on the street or in a tent than here I just can’t do it and it doesn’t matter who I say this to or how many times I say it no one listens and no one cares and nothing gets done

In fact I’m starting to believe topping myself is exactly the out come that they want

I just can’t mentally emotionally or physically handle it anymore….

My mental health is disgraceful now, my emotional spectrum is somewhat chaotic and I cannot survive on 6-10 hours sleep a week any more……

I’ve lost all my friends, all my family, I’ve been treated so fucking badly I even lost myself at one point and to top it all off I’ve obviously pissed the wrong person off cos everyone is fucking hating my guys and all gunning for me constantly

Im slowly being driven out of brighton I can see it

There’s something going on here in this building, either baron homes want me out and they are only able to do it by making my life hell and making me fee so uncomfortable that I leave and have people here working on their behalf to intimidate me and to threaten my sense of safety…

Since when does work go on over the weekend in these places ?

Power tools being used, my floor vibrates to the point my legs shake and ur gonna tell me that’s just my fridge?? I’ve never known a fridge cause that much disturbance….

Now u gonna tell me pigeons are at my roof causing constant ruckus 24/7? Lol”

“Can you get to A&E? We may have to goto the council on tuesday face to face.”

“Here comes the Pig…” … this is the latest of direct insults and humiliation I have had to receive because of my being at 17-19 grand parade…. so, I never let ANYONE in my room and though it’s a small but indirectly aimed insult, it is a very personal and personal one too….

Because it means only either one of two things…. either someone in my building has been getting into my room as I feared…. OR someone who works for baron homes has been in my room and has been telling people at my building about the mess my room is in….

I am absolutely and utterly humiliated. I DO NOT deserve to be ridiculed and publically humiliated by anyone especially by the cunts at that place where they are all either drunks junkies or criminals 😢

My room may be in a mess where I am trying to organise my belongings and throw what I don’t need and where I am never there because they all make me feel I cannot go there but as long as it’s spotless when I leave there should be no problem.

I am absolutely fuming and horrified that this is the sort of treatment I am experiencing especially when I have mental health problems and enough trauma to deal with in my head without feeling penalised and invaded in my own home……

something needs to be done Something needs to be addressed here, please… Louie, dad, please…. this isn’t fair…

I almost took a g overdose this morning to end it all, at 9:30am this morning I wry turn vand was thankfully stopped by a nice lady who I have no idea who she Is or where she came from… but I was incredibly grateful and I need something to give here🙏🏻🙏🏻 I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold out.

The next time I won’t be so lucky, the next time I won’t have a near miss I will just be dead do u get what I’m saying?…

I am a vulnerable life long rape and abuse victim with mental health issues, suicidal tendencies, a history of substance abuse and an extremely highly sensitive to the torture I’m enduring here in this shithole… at this rate I won’t make it… is that acceptable dan?”

“Okay. Klkl. Yes it’s horrible. The case has been raised now waiting to hear back, but they will have to respond. Or we can goto lawyers.”
Permission & Authority Email from Client


May 2022

04/05 - 10/05




June 2022

13/06 - 22/06




- EMAIL CHAIN 1: TO BHCC Titled: Safeguarding Concern (client name redacted)
To: Sylvia Peckham, Alan Davis, Cllr Amanda Evans, Cllr Phelim Maccafferty Cc: Cllr David Gibson ,Cllr Siriol Hugh-Jones, Cllr Gill Williams, Cllr Nancy Platts, Louis Kirby Just Life

CC'd Alan Davis, Just Life Worker, Phelim

- EMAIL CHAIN 3: TO BHCC Titled: Housing

- EMAIL CHAIN 4: TO BHCC Titled: grand parade
During the lost period my client went AWOL. I had to message around due to no responses. When I finally made contact they confirmed they had been unable to cope with and were staying out more than in now, but still going back. Totally demoralised.

I TAKE ON THE QUESTION AND ASK. Response Below and Video.

- CLIENT To Phillipa Email Chain 5.



Email 1: Read By

“Dear Sylvia, Alan, Amanda And Phelim

As you know I have been campaigning and asking for the council to do something urgently for the LGBT* community and specific homelessness  provision for our community. 

Here is a heartbreaking case i’ve not heard from for a few days so feel I will just keep reporting these cases as they aren’t letting up, in fact the more I document these shared struggles the more I will keep going on about these accommodation. We need to act.

In the interim could we urgently look to move to a place which would free him from these awful triggers. Homophobic abuse, bullying and intimidation and room break ins, unusual stuff he is reporting. 

Its very hard to communicate with and I have never met him personally but becoming more and more concerned, he is at breaking point and talking suicide attempts and whilst I am trying to calm him, I know what the stress of living in these conditions can do. Especially given the previous abuse and rape that happened in his case. 

I will now provide and disclose the full detail of his messages below. He lives 17-19 grand parade, not 100% on the room. 

There is an attached photo of his permission from social media messages with this one. And he shared a few pics after the rape assault. 

Can he not go in temporary? What are the things keeping him in this placement? Has his housing plan been done? Is he eligible to bid? What duty have been provided? Trying to understand the case here from the councils perspective? Have you heard from ? He alleges he is being ignored? 

Ps Louis is justlife worker who is also struggling with the council is cc’d in.”

I then attached a full copy of my clients written statements to myself in relation to the issues they are facing. Which I will not reprint if you have read the above you will see. I attached three images from his rape and assault and proof of permission to act on my clients behalf.

On the 10th May after no reply I followed up with:

“Hey all, 

It’s the 10th today I sent this email on the 4th, I appreciate you are all busy in your various duties and responsibilities, but I do have very distressed client here and would appreciate at least an email to say confirm receipt and that you would be looking into the points raised?

Daniel Harris”

Dear Daniel

Sorry there’s been a delay. I flagged with Alan Davis this morning. Alan writes:

<Client Name Redacted> caseworker is trying to contact him currently. I’ll email Daniel to acknowledge his concerns – I’ll also ask him to ask <Client Name Redacted> to contact his housing officer if he speaks to him before we establish contact.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty

Leader of the Council

Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide, Brighton and Hove City Council

Dear Daniel,

Just to let you know, <name redacted> caseworker is attempting to contact him – if you are in communication can you ask him to contact us via Housing Advice [email protected] and we can work with him directly.


Alan Davis
Head of Homelessness and Housing Options

Brighton and Hove City Council


Hi Daniel

I have been allocated <name redacted> homeless case today and will be looking into how we can support him. To discuss anything further I will need signed consent from Benjamin to discuss his case with you.

Kind regards


“Dear Phillipa, 
I have attached <client name redacted> Client Registration Form which he has completed electronically via my website. 
Have you managed to get hold of him yet? Alan Davis said you have been trying?
Would really appreciate an update on how we can help manage the bullying, homophobia and other issues around this placement?
Please reply to all as I like clients to be included in all communications. 
Daniel Harris”

As you can see from the below screenshot I copied the clients registration form.

Email Chain 2 Proof and who did not read that email!

Client Initiated this one with the following email to Housing Officer at BHCC:

Hello Phillipa, 

My number is <Number Redacted>

As Daniel Harris has informed you I have no given him full control over my housing needs and correspondence because I have been ignored and neglected so far, while u are not to know this he has emailed u already and stated that.

Louie is also aware of this and is in agreement that it would be best for me.Harris to do this…

I am no longer requesting for supported accommodation, it would not benefit me in the long run and as a 34 yr old man who’s been married once already and traveled the world I think as a fully fledged adult I should be housed somewhere that is in my control and responsibility to maintain and to benefit my mental health…

I’m willing to go anywhere even out of brighton as long as it’s not whitehawk

All I want is some privacy and peace and quiet 

Anyhow I will leave it to Dan to deal with these things and I hope that between him and yourself this can all be sorted rapidly 

Sent from my iPhone”

“Good morning

Firstly I do apologise for the lack of progress in your housing so far and would like to address this as soon as possible so we can find you suitable accommodation.

I can understand that you would like Daniel to manage all correspondence however I do find it easier dealing directly with you so I can understand your needs fully.

I would like to discuss with you the option of looking for private rented as I believe this will be the quickest way to be re-housed in to self contained accommodation where you can live independently and away from temporary accommodation.

This referral will require a budgeting form to be completed, an entitled to benefits calculator to be completed and the most recent 3 months bank statements.

Is this an option you would like to consider? If so, are you happy for Daniel to complete these on your behalf?

Kind regards


“Hi Both, 
Firstly, Thanks for the reply, <client name redacted>.
I can understand why you don’t want to deal with this on top and respect you taking that distance. I will always CC you so you are aware of what is happening and we discuss a lot personally as you do with Louie. 
Philippa – on what basis are you making this recommendation, please? he is being homophobically abused and harassed and is struggling in Grand Parade, As most are. 
Have we completed a housing plan?
What is the homelessness duty provided?
and has an application been considered for council housing? if not why?
Really trying to see from your perspectives where we are at.
Daniel Harris”

“Hi Daniel

Having reviewed <Client Name Redacted> case this morning I can confirm that we have now accepted the full housing duty towards him, please see the decision letter attached. I will now be requesting that he is removed from the waiting list for supported accommodation and will refer him to the housing register for general needs accommodation. I will also be requesting that the temporary accommodation team move him to self-contained accommodation.

The referral for private rented accommodation is completely his choice, I just wanted to make him aware that this can be done if he wants to explore all avenues for his housing to be resolved and to be moved out of temporary accommodation.

Once he is referred the Direct Lets team will txt him adverts for properties with landlords they have on the scheme and he will not have to come up with the funds for rent in advance/deposit.

They also have team members who can support him with the move in to private rented accommodation and make sure his benefits are in place for the rent to be paid. They will consider the budgeting form and entitled to calculator to ensure the properties they send him are affordable.

He can refuse this option without it having any effect on his application.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like me to complete the referral for private rented accommodation.

Kind regards


“Dear Philippa,

Oh what a relief and no worries, thank you for your help here. 
I look forward to hearing more, re the self contained accommodation. 
Daniel Harris”

Client Initiated this one with the following email to Housing Officer at BHCC:

Phillipa, this is the 3rd time I’ve emailed you now and it’s Thursday… I was meant to hear from u on Monday as u said u would give me a contact number for u and that u was going to call the temporary housing to get me put into a self contained residence…

I’ve been trying to contact u since Monday and none of my emails have been replied to, nor have u called me to update me or inform me of any goings on with my case…

I am at my wits end, I am in a place that’s homophobic and detrimental to my mental health and I cannot withstand much more, my room is a state because I cannot move or make one noise without someone down stairs getting shitty with me or shouting up and I can’t make one sound without a commotion being made be people walking past my room like a stampede of elephants…

I hear sneaking around outside my room when I’m trying to get on with things and I can hear them whispering and it has made me so paranoid and so unsettled that I can’t be in my room long enough to tidy it without feeling like someone is gonna bust in

My bedroom window has been jimmyed open or at least someone has attempted to do so, and now there is a massive gap in my window that I’m blocking (or trying to) with ductape trying to block out the wind…  this has been that way since October last year and has cost me a fortune in electric in order to keep warm… Christmas and New Years was absolute hell for me because of that…. And yes, it was reported to baron homes … however I was told there was no police report because the wind must of done it………

That’s how fucking dumb they think we all are… but I’m not a drunk or drug induced lost soul who is skint cos he spends all his money on not being sober … or a teenage wrongen that doesn’t care about anything but getting high…

I’m an educated man who has an 130 IQ and has travelled the world and lived in Brazil witnessing real poverty and dangerous street life, and in Lanzarote experiencing a relaxed carefree environment and experiencing death after a violent attack whom now r in prison…

Wind doesn’t break a window and I am not delusional, I’m very self aware and extremely sensitive and perceptive…. I am not going to allow anyone to think different just because I lived on the street for two years and self medicate with illegal substances … I’ve done so since I was 14 because of a traumatic childhood and having mental health problem’s and depression at the age of 11….

I’m telling u all this to give u an understanding of who I am and where I’m coming from….

I’ve never wanted anyones pity or the spotlight on me, we all have a past and I’m not the only one scarred by it, what I do want is exactly what my ex husband taught me… respect and understanding. I’m not going to be taken for a mug and I won’t let anyone think they’re dealing with a lost cause –

I need you to do what Petra was incapable of doing… ur job. And I mean that in the most respectful and the most inoffensive way…

She would ignore me completely and then left the job without informing me or anyone who worked on my behalf for me only to find out months later and she didn’t even hand my case over to anyone…. I was meant to be out of here after five weeks… it’s been since august last year….





I have been treated poorly since I was taken from the team that took me off the street, I have been put in a basement room that brought my asthma back after 20 years without it and a delicate skin condition which now flares up every time I’m hot or under stress…..

My belongings have gone mouldy and I was never even apologised to let alone compensated for anything… then I am spied on and closely watched by someone who either lives in the building or works for the landlords… not being able to cough without activating some kind of movement outside my door… it’s fucking ridiculous….


I have been made to feel like I’m going nuts, even made to take medication I personally think is unnecessary and not the answer to whatever is going on in the building on grand parade.

Power tools and work being done at late night hours from 9pm until 3am

The building being dead as a cemetery until I arrive home or wake up and make a noise or walk around my room…

Police entering my room with a key while I’m not there looking for a female who never lived there….

Walking past a group of residents to be humiliated by one of them highlighting my arrival with “here comes the pig”……

And people making indirect comments about messy rooms and “living like a tramp” as if they had been shown my room….

My mental health is terrible anyway

…. Grand parade has enhanced that by at least 10x the amount it was before I got off the street…

I can’t use the toilets or bathrooms because of constant broken locks and disturbances when I’m using them…. So I don’t shower for multiple days and hold my need to use the toilet for days on end Causing me to be unwell…

You are new to my case Phillipa and nor are u to know or understand the severity of my situation but I am filling by in now….

I urge u to be different, to not be like Petra… I’m not just another number or some case that needs solving…

I’m a damaged human being who needs ur help and needs to be placed out of this building please….

Can u please respond to me and contact me so we can get me moved on and off your workload…?

<name redacted> x”

“Hi <name redacted>

When I spoke to you on the phone last week I confirmed that I have referred you to the long term temporary accommodation team to be moved to self-contained accommodation (this was completed on 18th May) they will be in contact with you when they are able to move you. I will email them to see if they are any closer to moving you however the time frame is out of my control.

I do apologise for the delay however I have not had access to a laptop most of the week and have just been sent a new one so I have been catching up with outstanding work, I will be completing the transfer to the housing register tomorrow morning so I will email you to confirm when it has been done.

Kind regards


“Hi <client name redacted>

Attached is a letter confirming your accommodation has changed to S193 accommodation under the Housing Act as your application has been accepted and suitable long term temporary accommodation will be located for you.

The housing register have now been notified that your application has been accepted and they require the following:

A passport sized photo of you – either from a photo booth or through your phone Proof of your National Insurance number

You can send these documents to me and I can add them to your file

Kind regards


“Oh… so this isn’t moving me it’s telling me that they will now look for a temporary place for me…….

I can’t handle this anymore I’m getting fucking tired of it…. Really, this is driving me insane!!!!!


I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be able to take with this really….”

Then Another Reply

“However, having regards to your immediate housing needs, we deem your current accommodation to be suitable for you. You now have the right to request a review of the suitability of this accommodation. If at any point in the future you feel that this accommodation has stopped being suitable for you, you can also then request a suitability review.”

Are u fucking having a laugh!!??!!?!!!!

Are u actually taking the fucking piss out of me or something!?!!!!!????!!”

Hi <name Redacted>, Louis and Phillippa,

To me I’ve read this as they are nominating you for temporary accommodation, they have not stated timeframes which is a concern due to the suicidal mindset and homophobic abuse, they should be moving you out of here, as a minimum to another accommodation to take you away from this situation. 

Please though keep the language and tone to a respectable level, I get you are at breaking point and are losing your mind over this situation, I really feel for you and as stated above I recommend you as a minimum should be moved out of there.

Pending the temporary accommodation offer when that is sorted / sourced. 
If you are not out by next week, let me know, I will let the leader of the council know! 
Daniel Harris”
My email tracking software shows this was not opened by the officer….
email chain four - proof of my email

“And then..? Any news? I haven’t been contacted by anyone yet and it’s been ages….

Sent from my iPhone”

“I’ll try that again,

Phillipa! 😁 morning!!!!

So I’ve not heard anything from anyone and I am not able to keep this up!! 

I may now lose my room because the inspection the other day went forward and my room was in such a mess (*which it wouldn’t be if I was able to stay in there for longer than 5 mins without people causing me such a stress and paranoia every time I move just one step which creeks the floor …. Or make any kind of noise or show any kind obviously 

Sent from my iPhone”

“There’s constantly someone hanging around my door and listening to what I’m getting up to in my room, I’m in a shared bathroom situation and I’m a rape victim who nearly died in the toilets, I was meant to be here 5 weeks and instead I’m here since august last year🤔

I’m meant to be a priority case and it’s all wel and good being able to bid but that doesn’t help my current situation….

At this rate I will be living bk on the street by next week…

This might be okay for u but my health is rapidly declining and if I haven’t killed myself within the next few weeks I will be dead from the neglect I’m forced to be showing myself due to no place to find peace relaxation and care…..”

Hi <client name redacted>

They can move you today but it will be out of area or place you on a list to be moved when somewhere in Brighton becomes available?

Many thanks


“Dear Phelim,

I raised this case some weeks ago and the best the council has come up with is an out of area placement for my Client. Not only should an offer have come weeks ago, removing a vulnerable person outside of the city and support networks is stupid also. 
I am not sure what this will achieve I cannot see any risk assessment of this out of area placement being completed here as in private my client is extremely worried.
Also unusually this offer was provided to my client without me cc’d in, client has forwarded this to me.
This is sending the wrong message and I will raise this case study next week because its a repetitive one.
Reactive, not preventative, lack of client risk assessment and taking this person’s needs into account.
Daniel Harris”

“This isn’t good enough… I’m not being funny but out of everyone currently in emergency accommodation I should be a priority, cos not only did u all forget I existed leaving me in this hell hole for 11 months instead of 5 weeks, but I’M A RAPE VICTIM WITH NO PLACE TO SHOWER….

It’s like because I’m a gay bloke it doesn’t matter, yet if I was black or female this shit wouldn’t even be happening right now!…..

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“I mean it’s happening sadly whoever you are. Just sit tight on this one. I have escalated as I share your concerns out of area especially but welcome the need to finally move you. Has to be some common ground, seems very draconian this offer”


“Hi <client name redacted>

Unfortunately this is all they have available currently, would you like me to request that you are moved when they have somewhere in Brighton?

Kind regards


“I don’t know…  I just don’t know what to even say to this…. By the 3rd of the coming month I’ll have a tent again and I’ll be outside in the street bk where I started…”

“Dear Daniel

Thank you for the email and raising the important issues with me.

I am obviously sorry to see this is being repeated. I have flagged with Rachel and Martin who’re cc and best placed to respond on what can be done on the ground in terms of support for the resident.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty

Leader of the Council

Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide, Brighton and Hove City Council”

“Hi <Client Name Redacted>

I will ask that you are placed on the transfer list for a change in emergency accommodation so you can be moved but kept in Brighton. Just to confirm you are already on the list for long term self-contained accommodation so will be moved to this when it becomes available

Kind regards


“It’s impossible that in 11 months there has been nowhere temporary self contained for me to go, impossible….

Yes Dan I would like that, take it to the top to whoever u can do whatever u have to I’m done with this, I literally cannot do this anymore I haven’t the strength or the willpower
I’m literally out of the ability to keep this up, when I get my universal credit I will get a tent and I wi go bk on the street

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I then launched a formal complaint due to this unacceptable lack of safeguarding, a failure in harm prevention and putting my clients life in danger.  

Reporting The Hate and Abuse

So as you can see and read in a second, I have gone to Housing Committee and asked the following question and got the following response. Seeing as you will read all avenues have been exhausted. We have now gone formal and raised the following.

Dear Brighton and Hove City Council, 

We are writing to formally complain in relation to the treatment of a vulnerable client of mine, of which the council have various duties, one of those is to accommodate and the others are around safeguarding and duties around human rights and the equality act.

My client feels he has no other choice but to raise a formal grievance and social equality injustice which should be acknowledged as a service failure and to agree to an urgent resolution for my client, whereby they are safeguarded.

After what has been weeks and weeks since we first raised safeguarding concerns, today my client, who has multiple complex needs told me he has been an offered an alternative placement of emergency accommodation “outside of the city” I was not copied into this offer, the first time this has happened? this is extraordinary as my client scores concerning high on risk markers for suicidal ideologies and intent, severe stress due to the abuse and chaotic living condition’s at Grand Parade and past rape. Grand Parade is An accommodation the council believed was suitable, yet has a notorious history with drug dealing, death, crime, disorder, abuse and bullying including threats to kill and even assaults.

For someone who is a male survivor of rape and whom has to consistently keep those nightmares at bay at night by self medication and often unsupported feels isolated and unsupported as it is, I fInd an out of area placement a failure to protect my clients right to a life, which is a human right and something in which this offer and the continued placement at grand parade will put in danger of again breaching.

The museum for homelessness uncovered some alarming statistics around deaths in homelessness accommodations quoting over 60 such in the last few years. 

We cannot and have not seen any risk assessment and as you can see you have put my client in harms way, triggered them by putting them into a catch 22 situation, go out of area and suffer? Stay and suffer? Or risk all on private sector? 

This feels like a serious safeguarding risk and an unthoughtout placement offer where the department have done literally nothing to safeguard my client but had weeks and weeks of do so, this is negligence.

This is also a systematic operational failure in which lgbtq+ client after client report similar issues and one has to question what is happening here and why? 

My client has put in writing now that on the 3rd of July,  under duress; they are having to leave and get a tent to resume rough sleeping. This is someone who is significantly more vulnerable than the average person who becomes homeless and someone who will likely again be put into a day to day survival mode which involves more risk factors. The responses from the housing officer and whomever authorised this placement offer just destabilises my client more.

What of the rule not to place those with multiple complex needs outside the city? Is this standard disregard that or just a dangerous service decision for my client. 

I can understand how people feel safer on the Streets when the council consistency act like this, certainly the statistics show they are much safer on the streets nowadays than in a lot of the accommodations the council are offering people right now. 

That is a human rights concern. 

I feel my clients social equality injustice should be immediately remedied to the satisfaction of my clients wishes, the council acknowledge and apologise for this failing and you provide my client with compensation for the injuries suffered as a result. 

We look forward to your reply.

<Name Redacted>- please just to cover all basis respond to all and confirm your agreement to this statement?


Daniel Harris”


“Yes I agree and accept that this statement fully details my situation 

Thank you 

Sent from my iPhone”


“Dear Benjamin

Thank you for bringing this to our attention in the Customer Feedback team, with Daniel’s assistance.

I have spoken with Bob Proctor, Housing Options Manager.

As there is a right of review of your accommodation, we cannot take a formal corporate complaint in my team..  What you have told us is important and time sensitive. Bob is therefore going to look into all of this himself and come back to you by the end of next week.

Bob will also respond to Cllr MacCafferty directly about the concerns raised by Daniel.

Best wishes

Caroline Hart | Customer Feedback Manager “


“Thank you.

On Wednesday I asked a question at housing, those procedures have been exhausted for the answer you provided, seven weeks after a complaint regarding the homophobic abuse and threats and unusual behaviour. Now you are stating the above. This is unusual for this specific circumstance, so if a women is being beaten up you would ask them to do a suitability review?
That can take up-to 8 weeks also, are you certain you are correct with this, as its again a conflict of safeguarding if this is the case. 
Can we now take this too stage two if this is your formal response please?
Do you agree to that <NAME REDACTED>? 

Daniel Harris”





I had provided the route to raise your concerns in a previous email, but am happy to receive them directly (WHAT PREVIOUS EMAIL?). Please let me know what the specific issues are I will attempt to address them. If you have dates, notes of events or anything else relevant to your case I will investigate.


Alan Davis
Head of Homelessness and Housing Options

Dear Alan, 
Thanks for responding.
He is Called <NAME REDACTED>. We refer to the emails dated on the 4th of may. Since then there was one email Response from you which i have attached, that was simply to say a colleague is attempting to contact him, a thorough investigation should include a search of all incoming emails from Benjamin, which will show you his history of communications in full and the desperate situation the council have largely ignored. (We will collate these and forward in due course). 
If you can address this complaint please, the complaint speaks for itself. its gone formal, and like The case that’s just hit brighton and hove news shows it must now be formally responded too via that procedure.
This was escalated to yourself week and weeks ago via the leader of the council, is delegating just a resolution? Is this client better or worse since? I will let <CLIENT NAME REDACTED> answer that. 
Are we to believe you are now only just starting the investigation, we raised some 6 weeks ago when you are asking for him to rake Back all over that again? And give specific details? I mean we did send a lot of info previously? 
If so then fine. I will meet him tomorrow and we will add to the complaint.
Let us know your thoughts <CLIENT NAME REDACTED> that? 
Daniel Harris”


Thank you for your enquiry regarding Daniel Harris / <NAME REDACTED>.

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties experienced  by <NAME REDACTED> and understand there has been a number of recent related enquiries, including those responded to in Housing Committee, all from the same source. The service has requested details of the alleged ‘failures’ and ‘breaches’: relevant dates; information regarding the alleged incidents; some evidence that we can review and act upon. Once we receive more specific information we will of course investigate further.

To clarify, where it is relevant to a client’s housing situation, their gender or sexuality is considered as part of their Personal Housing Plan (PHP). There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to LGBT+ clients – our approach is based on an individual assessment of need in respect of their housing – which informs the suitability of accommodation. In providing placements there is no rule about those with multiple complex needs however we do consider the needs of individuals based on the information we have and the availability of accommodation. As you will be aware there is a very high demand for emergency and temporary accommodation in the city and this can mean that placements are made outside the city.

I understand that we have assessed<NAME REDACTED> as owed a main housing duty, and that an offer of general needs accommodation is suitable. The case worker has agreed to look at an alternative placement to the property in Grande Parade, as we would with any client placed in emergency accommodation. The area of placement is also considered as part of the PHP. When a suitable property is identified <NAME REDACTED> will be informed and the offer made accordingly.

Thanks, R

Rachel Sharpe | Executive Director Housing, Neighbourhoods and Communities | Brighton & Hove City Council


Alleged. Seriously? Wow!!!

You see it’s this kind of attitude which makes me so sad to hear as a born and raised brightonian, our newly appointed directors are putting out this sorta language, we need to root this out of this council these are not brighton and hove values. Very old and outdated attitudes!! 
Tell me why do you think 60 people died in these accommodations under your watch the last few years?
I am unpaid but will spend my weekend writing up a full case study and report on the last 74 days, again, this has all been emailed in, funny people are only asking this detail now?
When was the first time in this case the council have asked for all this evidence, proof, dates, details etc, to be provided, as we are so far in from when I raised these safeguarding concerns? 
If you got your departments in order you and I and everyone else wouldn’t have too keep going to these disgraceful lengths, and all these issues are of your own making, because of the system which enables this including your hostile department. 
Do you know what, this case reminds me of that other client I had, the one raped in the hallway in lower rock gardens, I assume bhcc did not fail  them also. 
If anything I probably know more about what goes on in housing options than you do. Certainly from the client perspective. 
People seriously want to get a tent a sleep rough.. 
Have a lovely weekend and I will ensure that report hits all your inboxes on Monday morning. 
Daniel Harris”

What happens next?










I feel my clients social equality injustice should be immediately remedied to the satisfaction of my clients wishes, the council acknowledge and apologise for this failing and you provide my client with compensation for the injuries suffered as a result.