Brighton lad coming to terms with the past and looking to move forward. I am 32 years old, I am currently not working due to health reasons, however I am experienced in Events and am looking to go into the not for profit industry in the future with projects aimed at looked after children, I want to incorporate performance art into everyday apprenticeships based around hospitality. I want to help care leavers into stable homes and have their fulfilling education, career and personal aspirations met. Based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, If you want to be apart of this Sussex wide project get in contact and I will happily meet you for a coffee to discuss. My email is Say Hi :-) Blessings Daniel

Brighton and Hove A Housing Crisis Gone Too Far?

There is no denying that the tories have well and truly banged the final nail in the coffin, this is evident in documentaries around homelessness. The right to buy was a killer policy for the vulnerable and hard working class, whilst they did allow many to move forward and own there own home, many were sold and are now collecting revenues from Housing benefit payments, not going back into society but instead to private landlords.