Baron Homes Revenge Evictions – Brightons’ Shame

Today I have been helping a single mother who was living in the notorious Baron Homes property Windsor Court, Angela is a single mother living in Emergency Accommodation with her two year old son, she was evicted for…… speaking to BBC Sussex (item is 01:09:00) this week.

Have a listen to the above interview. Yesterday Angela contacted ETHRAG the Residents Association I founded and told me that her room has been cancelled.

Sadly when you live in emergency accommodation you only have a nightly secure licence, which effectively means you are only 24 hours away from homelessness, something I know all too well.

Angela is the victim of a revenge eviction, one which is the nastiest and most brutal forms of eviction, morally wrong and victimisation. I understand that Angela is seeking legal advice on the matter.

This week a Freedom of Information Request has revealed the number of Ambulances being dispatched to Emergency Accommodation properties.


Ambulance Dispatches Emergency Accommodation Brighton and Hove

Windsor Court, Grand Parade and Brunswick Place are Baron Homes Properties, in just 8 months we have surpassed 2015’s total ambulance dispatch numbers which were 101, and currently stand at 160, up until Aug 2016.

My prediction sadly is that these figures will smash last years numbers apart, and the reality of this is almost certainly people will die.

This next table shows the reasons ambulances were called out. from January 2012 – 31st august 2016.

Reasons for Ambulance Call Outs Table

Reason for Ambulance callouts Brighton and Hove

When will Brighton and Hove and the country wake up and see the mess the tories have done to this country, this is not Broken Britain, Its Broken Brighton and Hove.

Check Out the ETHRAG Facebook Page for upcoming meetings and Events.

So What Happened To Angela?

Angela was placed in Percival Terrace, where I have just moved out of, I went to the office with Angela today and certainly saw an improvement in the service provided since my first experience.

Percival Terrace staff, not only provided a shoulder for Angela to cry on – literally she was crying her heart out bless her, but they have now bolstered there induction of sorts and explained how things work, this is a process which needs to be repeated by all providers.

She is effectively living in a smaller accommodation, not allowed visitors or a cooker and has to pay for her own removals, whilst trying to bring up her son on just £18 a day before living costs.

I take my hat off to Angela and everyone else who speaks out, speaking out evokes change and its time Brighton and Hove City Council changed.

Angela’s future remains in the hands of the council.