Hove Labour AGM Cancelled: Venue issues apparantly

Hi so just had this email:

Dear Delegate,


We are very sorry to inform you that the Hove AGM scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) has to be postponed and will not happen. The venue has suddenly become unavailable and it’s too late to find another venue and inform members accordingly.


We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes.


We will be in touch soon to let you know when we will be able to reschedule the AGM as we understand this is important to local members.


Apologies again.


Yours sincerely,


Louise Magee 


Regional Director

Intereting indeed, with Brighton Kemptown and Pavilion CLP voting in mostly Corbyn supporting candidates, I am concerned with this cancellation.

This is now the second time this or something similar has happened, the steering commitee failed, and now the regional organised AGM has failed.

I am experienced with events and this reason for the venue now not being available doesnt make sense.

A room booking is a contact, they cannot cancel without notice so I raise questions around this.

Nonetheless I think ordinary members can see the real reason. The left have been denied a vote again.

The Labour Party and the subsequent NEC decision has failed.

This is a manufactured thing, I suggeted at a steering committee meeting to use Sussex County Cricket Club as a venue, went on death ears. Now we have the faulse allegations and a jewish venue who will not allow us to hold the event.

Regional were here to facilitate, they have failed.

Update: 18:00 sat 4th feb 2017

A venue was located, found and available and regional have decided not to rescheduale and insted we need to wait until further notice.

Basically we could have easily have reareanged due to the outragous actions of a venue who have breached there booking terms most likely. 

Brighton and Hove City Council: Housing Related Budget Cuts 2017

I am just going through the housing related proposed budget cuts and savings for 2017, imposed by the Tory government, implemented by a minority Labour council in Brighton and Hove.

Headline Cuts:

Pages 172 –

General Housing Fund:  A total of £1.6million in cuts some of which are outlined below.

Temporary Accommodation & Allocations: £715,000 cuts for 2017, up from £40,000 in 2016. The savings from the changes to the allocation policy are calculated on the basis of current costs and an estimate of 35% of social housing being allocated to homeless households.

Please note in the November Housing and New Homes Committee, the new allocations policy stated that a minimum of 40% of new Homemove Allocations will be for those in homeless households, so I am unsure why they have written 35%.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme: There is a £100,000 cut to this service, this service is vital in helping people who cannot afford a deposit for private sector housing, clearly homelessness is rising, we have a net loss on council homes due to the right to buy, therefore this service being cut could mean a failure to house people. I will be keeping an eye on this!

Travellers: £21,000 in Cuts anticipated through the use of the new site for travellers, however the unauthorised encampments pose a further risk to cuts, most likely enforced by the new public protection order, which is currently not being enforced.

Neighbourhood, Communities & Housing: Total Cuts and Savings = £2.7million

Community Safety: £122k in Cuts for 2017, affecting; LGBT Community Services and the removal of the LGBT Housing Liaison Worker. Communities Against Drugs – Part Time Staff Member post gone. Get ready to see more drug parafunalia such as infected needles like the image below taken today St Peters Church Ward.

Dirty Needle Astoria Brighton Image
Dirty Needles

Environmental Health: £115,000 Cut to service in 2017, risk of not following statutory duty to investigate issues. Such as conditions and safety concerns in Temporary, Emergency and private sector housing.

Finally Food banks 

Brighton and Hove have 15 operational food banks in the city.

We have much more to learn but I would like to see the above reversed to ensure some of the most vulnerable people in our city are not left even further behind.

Source: Agenda Report Pack


Labour Brighton and Hove: Delegates in 1 member 1 vote out!

After attending tonights Steering Committee meeting as an elected lay member around a table of non brightonians I can confirm that the new system agreed by a majority consisting of mostly unelected people around the table was for a delegate based structure system, as promoted across the country by progress.

Now as a new member who was inspired by the all members meetings, I was saddened that we now rely on branch networks many of which are still not up and running to decide who goes to CLP meetings and votes.

The agreed ratio was 1-20 members are a delegate.

So basically still all members meetings. The point….. none!

Claire Wadey who has a registered visual impairment left the room after 28 minutes due to the lighting affecting her visually. Peter Kyle was on parliamentary business so sent along someone else to vote on his behalf.

The meeting was cordial, many points weren’t discussed and everything felt all too rushed.

What was ‘agreed’?

  • CLP IGMs (Initial General Meetings) shall be held on the 4th February electing their CLP ECs, and full AGMs to be held in June.
  • All branches, forums and affiliates will have to meet before 4th February to appoint delegates
  • All branches will conduct a discussion and vote on if they prefer delegate structure or a All Members Structure with delegates attending the initial general meeting (IGM) with that behind them.
  • Initially the CLP structure will be “delegates” who shall be: Chair or Secretary of each branch may attend and vote, 1 under 27 year old per branch, 1 lay delegate per branch and then 1 delegate per each additional 20 members (with regard to gender balance), 1 delegate per affiliated trade union, socialist society, cooperative party or cooperative party and then 1 delegate per each additional 20 members with a maximum of 5 delegates (with regard to gender balance, and affiliated bodies must have paid their affiliation by 31 December of 6p per member living in each constituency), 1 Delegate per city wide forum (Womens’ Forum, LGBT Forum, Young Labour, BAME Forum, [Disabled members forum when set up].
  • We will have an independent auditor of our finances and assets
  • We will meet again in two week and talk about the Local Campaigns Forum (city wide coordination/party), how Labour Council Group observers are appointed, funding and the split of funding, arrangements for employing new staff (the current staff contract will all be honoured) and property.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle tabled and pushed for the delegate structure, I ask the question to new members does this new process make you feel included? do you understand the structure?

How Did I Vote

I voted for an all members CLP AGM -We lost, Lloyd abstained.

I abstained from the vote on the delegates, even with Phil’s Amendment, which gave branches the choice.

Why Did I vote this way

As a born and bred brightonian, I have been encouraged by the new members joining Labour, in my observations most of the arguments from the last year have been from the same voices making the same points, new members bring new ideas and energy, we don’t live in the labour bubble like most around the table tonight.

If you are a new member, what advice can I give you?

Join the Brighton and Hove Labour Party Members Forum – Its an independently run Facebook group which will keep you up to date where the unelected people running the local labour administration fail.

Let the group know your branch and we will put you in touch with the relevant people to ensure you are fully informed and educated.

You absolutely must attend your next branch meeting and nominate yourself as a delegate, if you are from the area make it known, if you are worried about speaking make it known before.

I ask that all new members engage connect and actively meet other likeminded members to help understand what is happening, get into elected positions and use your skills to change things.

The Future

Its in your hands! rise up.