Sussex Homemove Relaunch Chaos

Sussex Homemove Relaunch Chaos: Thousands Affected in Brighton and Hove

Sussex Homemove the system used by local councils such as Brighton and Hove City Council & Lewes District Council has crashed. Those registered on the Housing Register was relaunched this week.

Residents have been reporting issues since last week. Originally Brighton and Hove City Council confirmed login details would be sent to those registered on Homemove last Friday.

Relaunched today the new multi million pound system and website has been modernised for more accessibility has had teething issues.

Common Issues Reported include; website crashes, login details not working and data transfer issues.

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition have started a new Sussex Homemove advice and support facebook group to assist those on the housing register. Please do get yourself onto the group if you are registered with Homemove.

One user reported incorrect details and information have been transferred, reverting back to historic info.
The resident who is living in Temporary Accommodation claims, two children are missing from the application.

They contacted Brighton and Hove City Councils Homemove Service, who confirmed this has affected thousands and thousands of residents.

The new system will give users more info such as more detailed property adverts. The previous bids section now shows users where they placed for the previous property bids.

One resident said “Dan Harris it’s so much better knowing how close you were”

Sussex Homemove Login Issues: Cant be identified

login Issues

One user stated “cant identify me”

Another user replied:

“Mine keeps doing this then when I go in it only took me to account details and then only had 2 of us down as living and wouldn’t let me add anything else.

I have emailed homemove team but its ridiculously stressful 😩”.

Brighton and Hove City Council Have Have Released No Statements On The Relaunch Issue

The Council released news of a successful bid from the government for emergency funding to help with the homelessness crisis. The council said:

“We’ve been awarded around £3.4 million to provide immediate short-term accommodation and support this financial year, and around £3 million to provide longer term sustainable housing options for the people accommodated. 

The funding is ring-fenced to support the 369 people we were accommodating at the end of September and anyone subsequently found to be sleeping rough in the city.”

Sussex Homemove Help, Support and Advice Facebook Group

Sussex Homemove Users can join the help, advice and support facebook group for assistance From the link above.

If you want to provide feedback to Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition you can do so via their website.

When Will The Homelessness Establishment Wake Up

Andy Winter Needs A Reality Check

Following the recent report that a 21 year old rough sleeper in Brighton and Hove has sadly been found dead, the housing and homelessness establishment have responded. Andy Winter the Chief Exec at the Brighton Housing Trust wrote today:

We don’t need new initiatives, or new groups, or ways to make life a bit more bearable for those on the streets. We need to help them off the streets. Some worthy and well-motivated initiatives can hinder that process.

With 5 million a year being spend on homelessness services in the city and each year the number is rising, with now over 150 people sleeping rough in Brighton and Hove, I note this quote from Andy:

In reality, a lot is happening. We provide, for example, through First Base Day Centre, the basics for survival and basic dignity – hot drinks and meals, showers, toilet facilities, clean and dry clothes and critically, with our partner organisations, we help several hundred people off the streets and into housing.

I have to say why is Andy defending BHT? why is he not talking about the huge misuse of funds which are not delivering a service which saves lives? Why is Andy essentially using this horrid death to promote the activities of BHT?

The Young Rough Sleepers Mate Who Found Him

I have been informed by grassroots homelessness activists and front line volunteers that the young lads friend who found him dead at the weekend, actually spent the evening sleeping rough himself.

Imagine finding your friend dead, what affect would that have on you? I would be messed up, but then to have to sleep rough that night, this is not how we should be treating anyone in our society, especially young people.

What Can Be Done

Those groups Andy Winter is putting down are actually changing things, the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition, which now has 30 organisations signed up is the largest in the city and Andy is starting to see that things are changing.

For example The Community Night shelter team are crowdfunding for a huge marque which will be erected this winter and set to put a roof over the heads of 60 rough sleepers. This can be achieved for a fraction of the money the establishment get, for just £20,000 we can provide sanctuary and warmth for up to 60 people at risk of death.

If you want to find out more information on the crowd funder check out the just giving page here.

Candlelit Vigil In Solidarity With The Fallen This Thursday

Come and pay your respects for those we have already this on the streets of Brighton and Hove this Thursday. The community will be meeting at Brighton Town Hall from 4pm, just before the Full Council Meeting, where elected councillors will be debating rough sleeping.

RSPV on the Facebook Event page here.

People Fight Back With Bold New Brighton and Hove Housing Conference

The Housing Crisis in Brighton & Hove has hit the point of no return and this Saturday the people affected and left behind finally have a voice with a radical new housing conference set to launch a movement to push for more accountability and transparency from Brighton and Hove City Council.

This is a new vibrant campaign launched based on action not words

Caroline Lucas MP and Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP will lead off at the launch of the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition this Saturday by answering questions from more than 200 housing activists in Brighton.

Around 20 organisations are coming together to establish a Housing Coalition that will challenge the moribund policies of our City Council and national Government.

Steve Parry, acting Chair of the Coalition, said “With co-operation on this scale we intend to challenge in a real way homelessness, housing squalor, housing for profit rather than for people, and the payment of £millions to overseas tax havens for so-called emergency and temporary accommodation” 

He emphasised that “the Coalition is bringing together those that build homes with those that occupy empty properties, those that help feed the homeless and those that will be opening up community night shelters, those that have a vision for all to have a right to shelter and those who are advocating for those discriminated against by our local authority due to vulnerability or disability.”

It is a welcome sign of possible change that Larissa Reed, the newly appointed Executive Director for Neighbourhoods, Communities and Housing at the City Council will be spending an hour discussing the policy and practice of the council.

Local housing campaigner Daniel Harris said ” The time has come for change, for too long vulnerable people have been exploited and neglected, all whilst greedy landlords line their pockets at the expense of people’s lives.

Standards in some places have improved recently but we have a huge crisis with government funding cuts which are hitting the most vulnerable, recent government figures show Brighton and Hove already underperform against national average standards, this is a great concern”.

Council residents, leaseholders, private renters, the homeless, and those in temporary accommodation will be working together and participating in workshops ranging from Community led housing to ‘Alternative housing choices and well-being in later life’, from Living Rents to the horrors of some privately rented housing, from accessibility to the need for respect to be shown to those who are disabled or vulnerable.

To Book Tickets To The Housing Coalition Be Quick

Organisations involved include:

a. B&HCC Tenants

b. Brighton and Hove Pensioners Group

c. Brighton Benefits Campaign

d. Brighton People’s Assembly

e. Bunker Self-Build Housing Co-operative

f. Community Land Trust

g. Community Night Shelter

h. Co-operative Housing in Brighton and Hove (CHIBAH)


j. Good Health Projects

k. Invisible Voices

l. Justice for Tenants

m. Living Rents Campaign

n. Love Activists

o. Mutual Aid in Sussex (MAIS)

p. NFA Residents Association

q. Opsafe

r. Sussex Economic Partnership